Bergen County Mosquito Control: Facts about Mosquitoes

Bergen County Mosquito Control

Those pesky mosquitoes can turn a fun summer day into an aggravating nightmare. The itch from a mosquito bite can be quite unpleasant and extremely frustrating. And if you scratch it long enough, you’ll surely cause it to burn. Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes eat you alive while your friends come inside unscathed? There are plenty of good reasons why mosquitoes target certain people at certain times of the day. As a service that specializes in mosquito control throughout Bergen County, please take this chance to learn more about mosquitoes and their behavior.

Time of Day

When the humidity rises, mosquitoes like to feed on whatever they can find in their general area. The early morning hours and late evening hours of the day are the most popular times for mosquitoes to be active. If you are able to stay inside during these times, you will greatly decrease your chances of getting bit by mosquitoes. If you like to go fishing in the early morning, you’ll have to wear a bug repellent of some kind. If you must sit outside your home during one of these times, use a fan blowing away from your body. Mosquitoes can’t fly in breezes over one mile per hour. Use that to your advantage.

Why Mosquitoes Like You

There are several reasons mosquitoes might like to bite you more often than your friends. If you wear dark clothing, you appeal more to them because they can easily see your outline against the backdrop of the clear air. Body chemistry plays a big role in attracting mosquitoes. Perhaps you produce more lactic acid than your friends, and mosquitoes love lactic acid. You might also attract more mosquitoes if you have type O blood as opposed to type A or type B blood. These are things that are really beyond your control, so it’s best to stay inside during peak mosquito hours if you want to avoid bites and diseases that mosquitoes can transfer.

Other Preventative Measures

Mosquitoes also flock to activity. When you’re more active, they can easily sense your location and bite you. You can also call a mosquito control specialist if your backyard or home has a serious problem with mosquitoes. A Bergen County Pest Control specialist can help rid your home of those pests once and for all. This is the safest and most reliable way to make sure your home environment stays clear of mosquitoes as much as possible. The summer is meant to be enjoyed without the itching and burning of mosquito bites. There are several mosquito control plants you can add to your garden.

Contact a NJ Pest Control Service

Perhaps you’re more interested than ever to learn more about mosquitoes and mosquito control. You can always find more information about mosquitoes by contacting Precise Termite & Pest Control. If you are experiencing issues with mosquitoes in or around your household please call us at (866) 971-2847 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free home inspection. Our Bergen County Mosquito Control service will send a specialist to your home to get rid of these pesky insects so that your summer will be peaceful. First time customers will receive 15% off service! We are a fully licensed and insured pest control company and specialize in mosquito control in NJ. Don’t let mosquitoes get in the way of a good time this summer, call us today!.