New Jersey Tick Control Services

Eliminating ticks from your residential or commercial property is essential to avoid transmittable diseases such as:
Passaic County Tick Control
• Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Lyme disease
• Colorado tick fever
• Q fever
• Tick borne meningoencephalitis
• Hemorrhagic fever



Currently, these are the most common tick transmitted conditions in the United States. While it is often difficult to avoid ticks during walks in parks or wooded areas, homeowners and property managers can contact our professional NJ tick control exterminators to apply pesticide treatments to lawns and buildings.

How Ticks Flourish on Properties

Most tick species thrive in areas with a lot of moisture to keep this arachnid hydrated. During the spring through the summer, there are more ticks as the arachnids breed rapidly in hot and humid weather. To find warmth, ticks may invade buildings in the autumn to live in damp basements, attics or wall spaces. A tick may latch on an animal such as a dog, leading to an invasion of this arachnid species into a home. Ticks consume blood from a variety of hosts while transferring pathogens directly into the bloodstream or through excrement. One female tick lays approximately 3,000 eggs at a time that develop into larvae that consume the blood of birds and rodents. The nymphs go through multiple stages to become adults that live primarily outside seeking new hosts.

How Our Tick Control Service Can Help

One tick can carry several pathogens such as protozoa, viruses and bacteria to infect the host with multiple diseases. Ticks are a small arachnid that varies in size, but is difficult to see without a careful inspection of the host’s body or locations outside.

Hiring our expert NJ tick control exterminators is the best way to avoid a tick-borne infection from arachnids lurking outside or inside a building. A thorough evaluation of a building by an exterminator can lead to finding areas where ticks can enter such as gaps and crevices in building materials. An exterminator can remove rodent and bird nests where ticks lurk before latching onto human hosts. Commercial grade insecticide dusts and sprays are applied to areas where ticks are living on the inside or outside of buildings. Keeping the grass on lawns cut short along with trimming shrubs and foliage can also help to prevent tick infestations.

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