Easy Solutions for Backyard Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a natural part of the summer experience. Protect yourself today

Summer is a time for hot temperatures, lots of sunshine, backyard barbecues and…mosquitos.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, mosquitos and mosquito bites are a natural part of the summer experience. As we spend time outdoors, they make us irritated, itchy, and even nervous about potential diseases they might be carrying. Homes that are located near a natural or manmade body of water are likely to attract mosquitos. But these pests are also drawn to stagnant water in birdbath fountains and garden puddles. Mosquitos lay eggs on the surface of the water, thereby multiplying and causing even more of a nuisance for your summer parties and romantic outdoor evenings.

To help you enjoy your backyard this summer, here are some of the most effective solutions for backyard mosquito control in New Jersey.

Mosquito Traps

One of the most common methods of backyard mosquito control used today is traps. Traps lure mosquitos in with a mixture of carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture. Different kinds of traps use vacuums or propellers to suck the insects inside. It is important to replace traps or nets on a regular basis and change propane tanks to get the best results.

Mosquito Larval Control

You may be able to prevent a mosquito infestation by stopping insects’ growth at the larval stage. It is possible to add natural predators to water where mosquitos commonly lay eggs. Homeowners can purchase disks that contain an insecticide that targets mosquito larvae called bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, which treats a space of about 100 square feet for about a month.

Air Curtains to Keep Mosquitos Out

Air curtains aren’t really a type of curtain at all, but rather a powerful fan that creates wind to drive mosquitos away. Since mosquitos prefer moist, stagnant air, homeowners can create a wind barrier between themselves and mosquitos in the air.

Insecticide Misting Systems

Misting systems are also used for backyard mosquito control via drum-based and tank-less systems that contain insecticides. While some of these systems can be turned on with a switch, others can be operated with a remote control. They typically release a fine mist of insecticide through spray nozzles mounted around the yard.

Professional Mosquito Spray Services

Some mosquito situations can be handed on your own with these DIY methods. But many homes and yards in our area require professional mosquito spray services, especially when the summer season rolls around.

The experienced exterminators at Precise Pest Control know the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard and prevent them coming back later on. We’ll start by inspecting the exterior and interior of your home to find places where mosquitos are likely to lay eggs. Depending on your specific mosquito situation, we may use a barrier protection spray to keep mosquitos at bay for several weeks or longer. Additional applications may be recommended based on your property location and presence of standing water nearby.

Professional mosquito spray services are more effective than DIY methods, so if you want a mosquito-free summer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free home inspection. For seasonal service, we recommend having the backyard sprayed every few weeks between the months of May and September.