New Jersey Bat Removal

New Jersey Bat Removal

Looking for bat control in NJ? Little and big brown bats are indigenous to New Jersey. They are the only mammals in the animal kingdom that can fly. They can inhabit trees, bat houses, and buildings (usually choosing a hot attic) where nursery colonies of hundreds and even thousands can form. Having bats in your home is a serious problem, even if they are confined to the attic. Not only do they urinate and defecate anywhere they roost, causing staining and odor problems which are difficult to remove, they are associated with dozens of diseases which are dangerous to humans.Get expert help for your Bat Infestation Problem

While bats are very beneficial to humans because of their affinity for many flying insects, such as mosquitoes, if they find their way into your home and take up residence, they can also be some of the most destructive, dangerous and expensive pests to control. Since bats are a protected species, bat removal in New Jersey must be done by a trained professional, like our trained technicians.  In addition, we can perform bat proofing repairs to your home or business so they cannot re-enter.

You may be wondering if you have a problem with bats. There are a number of observations that may alert you to a bat control problem. Aside from seeing bats, you may also notice piles of mouse-like fecal material in your attic or on the ground outside your home. This is another tell-tale sign of a problem requiring bat removal and one that should be approached with caution as bat droppings carry a fungus.

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With over 30 years of experience in the NJ Bat Exterminator Industry, we are Dependable, Professional, and Qualified when it comes to bat removal. Our licensed bat control technicians understand the costly repercussions should our services not be performed to your satisfaction. That is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

We can come to your home or business and perform a free, complete evaluation of all your access points. We will rid you of all bats and then we can work with you to prevent future invasion with the installation of bat control devices. We specialize in bat removal services for New Jersey and know how important it is to take care of bat problems quickly, so we pride ourselves on our fast response time! For emergency treatments and simple call-backs alike, we’ll be in touch soon!

If you are experiencing an issue with bats, don’t hesitate to call us (866-971-2847) or contact us online when you need bat removal in Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex, and Sussex Counties and other parts of New Jersey.