New Jersey Roach Exterminator

Has your house or apartment been invaded by unsightly cockroach invaders? More than just a Bergen County Roach Exterminatornuisance or eyesore, cockroaches carry a variety of bacteria on their bodies that is harmful to humans and are a cause of a number of diseases ranging from food poisoning to dysentery. If roaches are present in your home, exterminating them should be a top priority.

Fortunately, Precise Termite and Pest Control has the solution for all your roach problems. We are a full service exterminator that specializes in roach control. We have a tremendous array of experience getting rid of cockroaches and we take every measure to insure that the unwanted intruders never come back.

How Roaches Spread

Roaches and their eggs are spread throughout the community in food and other packaging. Although sanitation and hygiene are important deterrents, even the cleanest homes become infested with roaches due to minute deposits of grease, sugar and other food deposits in difficult to get at places, such as, in drains, behind refrigerators and dishwashers, inside cracks and crevices in kitchen cupboards. In this case, you would need roach pest control in NJ. Roaches will eat almost any organic matter no matter how rancid.

Do you have a Roach Control Problem?

Once inside the home, they will seek out food scraps, unsealed food containers, sugar and grease deposits, pet food, rancid meat, glue and even book bindings. YUCK…they eat each other’s feces, to feed the young “nymphs” and extract all nourishment from an organic food source. If you see a clump of pepper-like specs in your kitchen cupboards, it is likely cockroach feces marking their courtship and nearby nesting territory.

Roaches rest during daylight hours in dark warm secure harbor-ages in your home, such as, in wall cavities, the sub-floor, roof void, cracks and crevices in the kitchen and bathroom, electrical appliances and foodstuffs. They will emerge from these harbor-ages in the still of the night. Roaches in NJ have an array of acute sensory and survival instincts. If you see roaches in your home during the day, you have a serious problem.

New Jersey Roach Treatment

Cockroaches can be very persistent creatures. It takes great effort to get rid of them. When you notice them around your home, it is crucial that you deal with them as soon as possible because they are fast breeders. If you do not want to use pesticides, you can opt for organic pest control. Organic pest control is great for homes that have children and household pets running around.

The exterminator will have to identify the cracks in your walls and windows. He would need to locate the spaces underneath the doors and floorboards .Until this is done, the roaches will have a field day in your home. Once the exterminator has identified these points of entry, he can then caulk or insulate these areas to contain the roaches within your home and deal with effectively.

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We can come to your home or business and perform a free, complete evaluation of all your access points. We specialize in roach control services for New Jersey and know how important it is to take care of pest problems quickly, so we pride ourselves on our fast response time! For emergency treatments and simple call-backs alike, we’ll be in touch soon!

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