Bergen County Mosquito Control: Tips for Living Pest Free in the Summer

Bergen County Mosquito Control

The heat makes most people feel a little sluggish, but this time in summer is when mosquitoes are most active. These biting pests thrive when days are hot and muggy and can make outdoor summertime fun a lot less enticing. You will inevitably notice a surge in their population when summer temperatures remain above 80 degrees and there has been some rainfall. However, you can reduce their numbers around your home.

Here are some tips for curbing this summer nuisance:

Infestation Prevention
Mosquitoes need water to breed, but it does not take much to help breed a colony. A small puddle, stagnant water in an old tire or plant pot, or a small backyard pond is all that is needed to aid an infestation. This means that if you want to reduce the number of these pests in your yard, keep everything dry. Don’t let water stand anywhere. If you have a pond, make sure the water is kept moving to make it less habitable to mosquitoes, which prefer still water where their larvae can develop undisturbed. Our pest professionals at Precise provide Bergen County mosquito control for businesses and homes in the New Jersey area.

Bite Prevention
When it is so hot, it is understandable if you want to wear less clothing than usual, but to prevent bites it is best to stay covered. Choose loose fitting, breathable fabrics that will enable you to stay cool while avoiding direct contact with mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents can be very helpful, especially if you plan to be outdoors in the evening when mosquitoes prefer to feed. If you are having an outdoor party, consider also burning citronella candles and keeping fly swatters handy.

Treating Mosquito Bites
Mosquitoes inject a substance into your skin when they bite, and it is this anticoagulant substance that causes the itching, and incidentally it is also how mosquitoes can transmit some diseases. There are many folk remedies available to combat the itch, such as applying a baking soda paste, but to bring fast relief, use an antihistamine cream or a cortisone cream.

Unlike poison ivy, scratching the itchy area won’t cause it to spread, but avoid doing so anyway. Scratching the bites can lead to infection or scarring and will prolong the healing process. Some itch relief creams also have numbing agents, so if the bites feel unbearably itchy consider trying one containing a topical analgesic.


Bergen County Mosquito Control

Professional Bergen County mosquito control services provided by Precise Pest Control Services offer swift and pet-friendly options. When mosquito infestations get out of hand and seem impossible to eliminate, do not lose hope. Often, their breeding grounds are not easy to spot. Since they require so little to multiply in number, they may be breeding in areas of your home you cannot reach or see, such as the attic, holes in the roof or exterior walls, or any small water-filled crevices. Contact the Bergen County mosquito control experts at Precise Pest Control today by dialing (866) 971-2847. We offer free in-home evaluations and same day service. Your summer does not have to be marred by pesky mosquitoes hindering your fun outdoor time.