Northern New Jersey Squirrel Removal Services

New Jersey Squirrel Removal

Have you been hearing scurrying, scratching and thumping noises in your attics or walls? If you’ve heard these noises around your house or encountered visible damage such as holes chewed in furniture or urine stains coming through the ceiling, you may have a squirrel problem. If you are a New Jersey homeowner experiencing a squirrel infestation, Precise Termite & Pest Control can help take care of this situation by removing them from your property and ensuring that they never invade your home again.

Our licensed and professional animal and wildlife removal specialists have years of experience practicing in NJ. We will inspect your home and identify your specific squirrel problem, determining the best way to take care of the problem once and for all. Our goal is to identify and remove the source of the problem, ensuring that these pests will stay away from your home or business for years to come.

Squirrels: Facts and Behaviors

The most common type of squirrel in the New Jersey area is the Gray Squirrel, although other varieties do exist. The following characteristics and squirrel facts will provide valuable insight into this pesky critter, allowing you to identify and remove the source of your current squirrel problem, while keeping them from invading your home in the future:

• 1 1/3 to 1 2/3 feet in height
• 15 to 25 ounces in weight
• The Gray Squirrel is the most frequently encountered squirrel in U.S.
• Dark gray fur color on top and lighter gray on the underside
• Breed twice per year in January or February and in May or June
• Baby squirrels are born 45 days after conception
• Female squirrels raise three to five babies at a time
• Do not hibernate and are primarily active during daylight hours
• Eat acorns and various kinds of nuts, seeds, and fruits
• Naturally nest in trees, but sometimes nest in eaves or attics of homes
• May chew electrical wires and cause structural damage

Do You Have a Squirrel Control Problem?

Squirrels in the New Jersey area are known to sometimes enter homes and buildings to nest and protect themselves from predators and the elements (especially during the colder months). Female squirrels are known to invade attics and use them as den sites to protect the six to 10 offspring they have each year. To keep them from entering your home, it is best to take away their food source by keeping your yard free and clear of acorns, nuts, and seeds. Unfortunately, if they are already dug in to your home or invaded your yard, you may need to call an experienced squirrel removal company to prevent squirrel hazards.

If squirrels are not immediately removed when they are identified, the squirrel population in and around your home or building will continue to multiply and can spread squirrel diseases to humans. Therefore, they need to be removed from the area as soon as possible to keep the population in your area under control.

Contact Precise Termite & Pest Control

Thankfully, the experienced professionals at Precise Pest Control have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to remove any squirrels taking up residence in your home. So, if you are in need of squirrel removal in NJ, you can count on us to keep your home squirrel-free all year long. Contact Precise Pest Control at 866-971-2847 and get your free inspection or contact us online.