Diseases Commonly Transmitted by Mosquitoes & Preventative Tips for Homeowners

Family wading in their backyard pool

Last summer, we wrote an article addressing Zika virus concerns and how Bergen County mosquito control can help keep your family safe. However, Zika is just one of many diseases than can be spread by mosquitos, and some of these are much more common.

This article will discuss other diseases that can be spread by mosquitos and springtime actions that homeowners can take to prevent these pests from breeding on their properties.

Mosquitos and Disease

Malaria is one of the most well-known diseases that mosquitos can carry, and this disease dates back to ancient times. However, more than a million deaths worldwide are still reported because of this disease each year. Chikungunya is another disease transmitted by mosquitos and is believed to have originated in the Caribbean. This condition rarely fatal, but the symptoms are often debilitating for several weeks.

Dengue is a disease found in the Americas, Africa, and Asia and is attributed to the adaptation of mosquitos that like to lay eggs close to human habitations. Other diseases that can be spread by these pests include yellow fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, LaCross Encephalitis, and West Nile Virus. If you have a dog, heartworm is a disease that can be life-threatening if left untreated. In certain parts of the U.S., heartworm is very common, and dogs catch the disease when bitten by a mosquito carrying larvae of a worm.

Springtime Prevention Strategies

Property owners often have no idea that they are creating perfect conditions on their land that encourage mosquitos to breed. Common breeding spots include flowerpots left in yards, indentations on rooftops, old tires, and construction sites that are not properly filled.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent mosquitos from breeding in your yard is to eliminate sources of standing water. This means cleaning out birdbaths regularly, keeping rain gutters clean, changing collection pans for plant pots, and repairing exterior leaks. For homeowners that have backyard swimming pools, it’s important to keep the pool clean and monitor chlorine levels on a regular basis.

Also, keep trash bins covered to prevent mosquitos from seeking moisture from garbage inside of them. Since mosquitos gravitate towards holes and crevices, make sure to fill openings on porches and patios as part of your spring maintenance checklist. Mowing the lawn each week, trimming back bushes, and adding a few mosquito-repelling plants to your landscaping may help as well. Plants that deter mosquitos include basil, lavender, geraniums, marigolds, catnip, and citronella.

Professional Help with Mosquito Control NJ

With mosquito season just around the corner, call Precise Pest Control for all your Bergen County mosquito control needs. While diseases carried by mosquitos are relatively rare, their severe symptoms and potentially fatal consequences are too great to take risks.

Our experienced exterminators will come out to inspect the inside and outside of your home to identify sites where mosquitos will gather and lay eggs. We are your mosquito control NJ specialists, so you can trust us to rid your property of disease-carrying mosquitos and keep them away all throughout the year.