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As one of the top companies specializing in raccoon removal in New Jersey, our pest management bergen-county-raccoon-removaltechnicians are trained in all facets of removal including identification, control and prevention of future infestations.

Some of the first signs of raccoons invading your property can be raided garbage cans and the lawn damage caused as they roll back sod looking for earthworms and grubs. They can also cause extensive and costly damage to your home as they break in and set up dens, with problems including destruction of singles, fascia boards, siding, soffits, insulation, ductwork and wiring. Water damage, staining and destruction from feces and urine are all common issues encountered when these very strong animals invade a residence.

They frequently break in during spring and winter months, often drawn to attics, to escape the cold or raise their young. If your home is infested, be extremely cautious, as raccoons carry diseases that pose a threat to both humans and pets.

Raccoons: Facts and Behaviors

Common throughout the United States, raccoons are easily identified by their unique ringed tails, Passaic County Raccoon Removalblack “bandit” mask and narrow nose, and those living in the northeast are usually a grayish-brown in color. Raccoons have 40 teeth including four long, sharp canine teeth. Their longer hind legs give them a hunched appearance when walking or running, and five-toed feet allow them the dexterity to grasp and clutch items. The average weight of a of this animal is 15-18 pounds, with females somewhat smaller.

Normally nocturnal creatures, raccoons usually emerge from their dens at dusk and return at dawn. A widely varied diet expands to include whatever is available, though favored foods include mussels, frogs, clams, earthworms, grubs, fruits, eggs and small mammals or birds. They do not hibernate, but will seek a warm spot in winter.

Do You Have a Raccoon Problem?

There are many signs indicating a raccoon infestation in the home, from strange noises in the chimney to scurrying sounds in the attic. These pesky critters may be found living under your home, in attics, garages, crawlspaces, sheds and under porches. While normally quiet, adult raccoons may emit high pitched squeals and growls when threatened, while their babies tend to make bird-like sounds and thus are often misidentified by homeowners. Often causing damage when they enter a residence, whether through chimneys, cellar-ways or garages, these animals usually break in seeking food, shelter or protection. They are often spotted feeding in garbage cans and in gardens.

Unfortunately, they can be aggressive and dangerous when threatened, particularly mothers guarding their young. They are known to carry a variety of diseases such as: rabies, parvovirus, tapeworms, distemper, lice, fleas, mange-causing mites and roundworms.

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Raccoons may not only damage your home, but they can also carry diseases that are dangerous to your family’s health. For fast, effective raccoon removal in New Jersey, call Precise Termite & Pest Control today and let our well-trained professional staff eradicate the infestation and take necessary steps to prevent a return. We have provided New Jersey pest control services for over 30 years and are experts in the business. Call (866) 971-2847 for your free inspection or contact us online!


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