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How Bird Nest Removal Works and Why It’s Important

bird nest resting in a wooden houseBirds can be beautiful and beneficial creatures with soothing songs, colorful features, and fascinating habits. You might be initially pleased to see a bird nest in your backyard because it means birds will continue coming back to your area day after day. But bird nests also create damage and disease concerns, ultimately requiring removal.

That’s why we at Precise Termite and Pest Control offer bird control services to help you manage nuisance birds and enjoy every part of your home’s backyard.

Birds That Create Backyard Nests

There are many different birds that create nests in the Eastern U.S., including the American Goldfinch, American Kestrel, Barn Swallow, Brown Thrasher, and Eastern Bluebird. Birds make nests to provide safe places for their eggs and to raise their young. Nests provide habitats to lay, incubate, and care for eggs. These nests are commonly made of leaves, grass, and mud. However, plastics and paper that you leave out in your backyard can also be used as bird nesting materials.

Other Common Nest Locations

In addition to backyards, birds also build nests on balconies, awnings, and building overhangs. Nooks of houses are popular bird nesting spots because they provide shelter from the elements of nature. Depending on the type of bird, you might find nests high up in trees, along steep cliffs, in shallow water, or even in underground burrows.

Dangers of Bird Nests

Certain birds are classified as pests because of the damage and diseases they cause, such as starlings, sparrows, swallows, and pigeons. If pest birds build nests in your backyard, chances are that you will have an even bigger pest problem soon when the eggs in those nests hatch and become fully grown birds.

Nests can clog the pipes and gutters of your home, which interferes with drainage and can cause structural damage over time. Bird nests can also be harboring places for diseases, such as E. coli and salmonellosis. If you are not sure what type of bird has built a nest on your property, it is recommended to have it checked by a professional to see if bird nest removal is your best option.

How to Remove a Birds Nest

Because birds are unpredictable and can carry diseases, it is best to leave bird nest removal to the professionals. At Precise Termite and Pest Control, we offer free consultations to come out and check your nest situation and give you our recommendations about how to proceed. We will safely and humanely remove your nuisance bird nest to help you prevent damage to your home and the spread of disease.

If you are located in Bergen County or Passaic County and have a bird nest concern, please call us at 866-971-2847 or fill out our online contact form.

5 Pests That Cause Fire Optic Cable Damage & How to Stop Them

Fiber optic cables aren’t cheap, and a lot of planning goes into installing these cables for your network. These cabling systems deliver telecommunications and high-performance data networking across long distances and are useful for the devices we depend upon. However, pests can damage these valuable cables and cause severe fiber optic damage. Here are five pests that cause fiber optic damage and how to stop them effectively.

1. Squirrels

Since fiber optic cables are often mounted onto poles and towers, they are easily accessible for squirrels that are expert climbers. There are theories that suggest squirrels like chewing through these cables because of the peanut oil used in manufacturing or to sharpen their teeth. Whatever, the reason, squirrels cause a significant amount of the damage to the home and fiber optic cables in elevated locations.

2. Mice

Fiber optic cables are also attractive to mice, which are known to chew through various types of wiring. Many people wonder why do rodents chew wires at all, and no it’s not out of spite for high-speed technology! The teeth of mice and rats are growing constantly, and wires help to keep those teeth trimmed and effective for eating food.

3. Termites

Termites are best known for eating wood, but they can also do damage to fiber optic cables. These cables can be installed in the ground, which is where termites live and thrive.

4. Birds

Birds can also cause fiber optic cable damage to cables hung above the ground by simply sitting on them in mass numbers. You’ll often see large flocks of birds sitting on overhead cabling, and the grip of their feet can lead to cable failures, as well as their combined weight from nesting on the poles. A bird infestation can cause many home damages, do not let them damage your fiber optic cable as well.

5. Gophers

Another animal that is known to defy even the best fiber optic cable protection strategies is the gopher. Gophers are resilient and have not always been scared away by poor-tasting additives put on wires to deter mice. Gophers commonly damage fiber optic cables that are buried underground.

Fiber Optic Cable Protection

If you are concerned about pests around your property and fiber optic protection, Precise Pest Control can help. We are experts in all of the types of pests that infest New Jersey, and we’re committed to protecting what’s important to you and your family. If you notice fiber optic cable damage, pests could be to blame. However, various forms of extermination, pest relocation, and preventative measures can help protect the fiber optic cables that you depend upon. At the first signs of damage, call us at 866-971-2847 or contact us online to look into the situation for you during a free inspection.

Bird Pest Control: Types of Birds That Are Pests and What to Do About Them

Pigeon on a roof

There’s something beautiful and soothing about waking up to the sound of birds gently chirping to greet the new day. But not all birds are pleasant to have around your home, and some birds are actually considered to be pests because of the damage they cause and dangers they pose.

Here is some information about bird pest control, including what to do if you have a bird problem and the best bird control methods.

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The Risks of a Bird Infestation and How to Prevent Bird Issues Around the Home

bird infestation on roof of house

Many people enjoy the sounds of birds chirping in the morning to welcome a new day, but not all bird interactions are this pleasant. Birds tend to roost on roofs and other areas around the home, coming back year after year or never even really leaving the premises. Here is some information about the risks of bird infestations in your home and yard, how to remove and prevent birds from coming back, and the importance of humane treatment of birds.

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Bird Removal NJ: When the Non Native European Starlings Invade Your Space

Bergen County Bird Removal

Consulting the best service partners available for bird removal NJ has to offer is your best bet in controlling unwanted pests. European Starlings are a common species of bird that can be found nearly anywhere, from Alaska to Mexico. They are about the size of a robin and each weight about 3.2 ounces. They are completely black during the summer and develop white spots during the winter. Both males and females have pale yellow beaks during the breeding season and dark beaks the rest of the time

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5 Birds to Watch Out for This Winter Season

Bergen County birds nesting in winter

The weather is cold outside. The snow is falling, and the signs of life around you are few and far between. However, not all creatures are hidden or hibernating for the winter. There are a few species of birds that don’t mind the cold and stick around rather than migrating south. For bird watchers this can be a pleasant treat, but for homeowners who find these birds have taken shelter in their home it can be another story. You may need to call New Jersey bird control services if you find yourself in this situation. Birds can cause damage to your attic when they decide to make it their new home. Here are 5 birds to watch for this winter season:

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Bird Removal Services in New Jersey

One of the services Precise Termite and Pest Control provides is bird control services in New Jersey. One of the places that birds such as starlings, pigeons and seagulls tend to build their nests is in gutters or other stable outside building structures such as behind company signs. Birds are not clean animals and can carry many diseases. Birds are creatures of habit and unfortunately, removing their nests from the building structure isn’t enough, their return must also be prevented. This is done by using barriers such as nets, baits, or mild and harmless electric shock wires.

Having birds conspicuously nesting on your home or place of business can cause damage in numerous ways. First, their droppings can contain numerous diseases and are very eroding. If not cleaned within a day; they often attach and melt into the part of the structure that they are on. Insects and rodents are attracted to the nests which will ultimately cause more headaches in the long run for the homeowner.

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