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How Moisture Attracts Carpenter Ants & Termites in the Winter

This weather at this time of year is particularly enticing to carpenter ants, so be mindful

Many homeowners become complacent about household pests during the winter months because termites and ants tend to be less active and visible. But when the winter season gradually turns into spring, snow melt, ice dams, and rain all play a role in attracting pests to your home.

This article will discuss how end-of-winter weather brings pests into your home and a few tips for homeowners about how to eliminate excess moisture in the house. With proper termite control and carpenter ant control, you can get your home ready for spring with minimal hassles and cost. Continue reading

Protect Your Home from Wood-Boring Insects

Though there may be nothing more relaxing than spending a cool summer night out on a deck or porch, there are also few things that fill a homeowner with a sense of dread faster than the tell-tale piles of sawdust left by wood-boring insects. Though most people immediately assume termites when they see any insect-related wood damage, this kind of external wear is just as likely to be the result of a carpenter ant or carpenter bee infestation. This damage is not just unsightly: long-term damage by wood-boring insects can result in serious damage to wooden structures and result in major renovation costs. Thus, it is important to have a good grasp on methods for carpenter ant control in NJ, as well as for other pests.

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