Warning Signs & Solutions to Raccoon Problems

Racoon control and solutions for your home

Raccoons are a serious problem for many homeowners and apartment-dwellers in New Jersey. If you’ve been worried that you have a raccoon problem lately, read on to learn about the risks, early warning signs, and solutions to rid your home and yard of raccoons.

Warning Signs of Raccoon Activity

Even if you’re not very familiar with the typical behaviors of raccoons, it’s easy to tell if you are starting to develop raccoon problems. For example, one early warning sign is noticing unexplained holes in your yard. You may also notice that plants around your home have been eaten, scratches on trees, “walking” noises coming from your roof, and tracks in the mud.

Raccoons are notorious for going through trash cans and damaging yards as they look for grubs and earthworms. These are nocturnal creatures that come out at night and scavenger for food. Raccoons can be dangerous when approached and even aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened. This is especially true among raccoon mothers who are protecting their young.

Raccoons often set up residence in areas near hardwood forests, wetlands, and waterways. However, they are also very common in cities and find their way into hollow trees, dark interior spaces, and sewers.

Risks of Raccoons around Your Home

Raccoons pose serious health and safety risks and should be dealt with right away to prevent the spread of disease and injury. The diseases that raccoons often carry include rabies, lice, fleas, and tapeworms, which are very dangerous and can be passed along to kids, adults, and pets.

Not only can raccoons take over your yard, but they can actually damage your home as well. They often set up dens and destroy shingles, siding, insulation, wiring, and ductwork, which can be incredibly costly to repair. Many homeowners have experienced water damage from raccoon urine and feces, and they often gravitate towards attics to escape the cold and raise their babies.

How to Keep Raccoons Away

There are a number of precautions that you can take to keep raccoons at bay. Regularly survey your attic, garage, crawlspace, shed, and under your porch and listen for any squeals or growls that come out.

Here are some preventative tips to keep raccoons away from your home and yard.

  • Don’t leave any food outside overnight
  • Place secure lids on trash cans
  • Eliminate grubs and other insects from your yard that raccoons like to feed on
  • Contact a local exterminator to treat your yard for pests
  • Install light and sound devices to discourage them from your property
  • Use repellants like mothballs, bleach, and ammonia
  • Set up fences around your garden and yard

Bergen County Raccoon Control

If you live in Bergen County and believe that you have a raccoon problem, call Precise Termite and Pest Control today at 866-971-2847 or contact us online to take control of the situation. Raccoon removal is a serious task that requires the expertise and equipment of a trained and qualified professional. We specialize in Bergen County Raccoon Removal that is effective, long-lasting, and humane, and we can even help you prevent future infestations.