Raccoons: How a Raccoon Pest Control Company Can Help

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Raccoons are just one of the common animal problems that homeowners may experience. They can do significant damage to your home and pose a health risk to the community from rabies. Contacting a professional and experienced Bergen County raccoon removal company can help with successfully removing these animals from your residence.

Raccoon Behavior

Raccoons are found throughout the United States and in many areas of the North American continent. They are often found in farmland areas, forested areas or wetlands. Raccoons are recognizable by everyone because of their black facial masks and black-ringed tails. They can weigh between 10 to 30 pounds, with females generally being smaller than males. They are very strong for their compact size. Raccoons can survive on various types of food, including farm crops, insects, rodents, birds, eggs, turtles or garbage. They have their young in late winter or early spring, generally producing about four cubs. They often use attics, roofs, sheds, garages or crawl spaces to raise their young. Any opening in your home’s structure is an invitation for a raccoon to set up housekeeping, and they can create significant damage creating the right nest area to raise their families. They are generally nocturnal animals.

Determining If You Have A Raccoon Problem

Scratch marks on the sides of structures can mean a raccoon has climbed to an upper level of the home. Raccoons tend to leave their droppings in the same place, so a collection of these may mean you have one residing on your property. Thumping or chirping noises coming from the chimney can mean a raccoon family has taken up residence in the chimney. Damage to your garden crops can mean a raccoon is using it as a source of food. Tree limbs that extend to the attic or roof areas can mean that raccoons have found an access point into your home.

Rabies Danger

Rabies is a serious condition that can be spread from the bite of infected animals, such as raccoons. Rabies infection can be fatal to humans. Raccoons will show a number of symptoms when infected by rabies and should be reported to animal control authorities:

· Unusual gait, such as stiff legs or walking in circles

· Disoriented behavior, confusion or unnatural slowness of movement

· Emitting strange noises, unlike normal raccoon “chatter.”

· Foam coming from the mouth

· An obvious look of being sick

Preventing Home Damage From Raccoons

Anywhere clutter accumulates on your property can be an invitation for raccoons to set up a home. Remove any debris that has built up around your property to prevent this problem. Regularly inspect the outside of your home for small openings that could allow entry. Keep pet food or livestock food in well-sealed containers. Putting a fence around garden areas can help to keep raccoons from using your produce as a food source.

Professional Pest Control Removal

A professional pest control company can ensure that your raccoon problem is dealt with safely and effectively to prevent home damage and ensure the safety of your property. For wild animal removal, call a reputable raccoon pest control company with the knowledge and experience to help you solve your pest problem. Call us at (866) 971-2847 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free home inspection today! For over 25 years, we have been keeping northern New Jersey pest free and pride ourselves in providing quality service to our customers.