The Most and Least Effective Solutions for How to Get Rid of Mice

Little rat in trapOnce you notice evidence of mice activity in your house, there are a few different approaches you can take to get rid of them. But when comparing mice traps, mice poison, and all-natural mice repellents, it can be confusing to know which tactic will work the best. This is an especially important topic to discuss in the winter when mice seek shelter indoors.


Here’s an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of various mice control solutions and some tips for which ones to try based on your level of mice infestation.


Tactic #1: Mice Traps

Mice traps can be quite effective when you have only a small number of mice in your home. It’s important to place the traps close to walls, in dark corners, and other places mice like to hide. Snap traps, live-capture traps, and electrocution traps are all options if you are fine with killing the mice instead of removing them alive.


Tactic #2: Baits with Mice Poison

People use mice baits to lure mice to specific locations so that they can eat poisonous foods mixed with enticing treats and eventually die. Mice baits can be dangerous to have around the house if you have small children or pets around who might get into them. Baits with poison are only effective as a supplemental pest control method, and the need to continuously use baits indicates that better sanitation is needed in the home.


Tactic #3: Glue Traps

Glue traps work in a similar way as mice traps or flypaper that hangs to catch flies. Mice get caught in glue traps and die, but you’ll need to have plenty of them set in strategic locations in the house and garage to be effective.


Tactic #4: Mice Exclusion

The most effective approach for how to get rid of mice is exclusion, which means blocking entry points in your home so they can’t get in. This includes closing up gaps and cracks, checking for openings around pipes and vents, and making sure that doors and windows fit securely in place.


Tactic #5: Household Pets

Some people rely on their dogs and cats to keep mice populations under control. While these pets may occasionally kill mice, this is not an effective long-term solution because they can rarely kill all of them during an infestation. Meanwhile, mice often feed from the food bowls and dropped food from pets around the house.


Tactic #6: Professional Mice Control

But by far, the most effective solution for how to get rid of mice is to call the professionals at Precise Termite & Pest Control. We specialize in mice control and know which tactics to use for every kind of infestation situation. Every home and mice population are unique, and our extermination professionals have tools and techniques that go beyond any standard DIY attempt.


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