Tips for How to Find Where Mice Are Coming into the House

Mouse inside mouse holeSo, you’ve found evidence of mice in the house – perhaps a chewed-through wire, scurrying sounds from the ceiling, or droppings in the corner. The next logical question is where they are coming from and how to block the entrance for future opportunists.

Here’s how to find where mice are coming into the house and advice about who to call once you’ve found the spot or need some help locating the entry point.


How Do Mice Get in a House? 

Mice are experts at squeezing through tight spaces and getting into places that offer warmth and food. They often make their way indoors through cracks in a home’s foundation or walls. Mice often enter through attics and basements too.

Gaps in piping and wires can be inviting to a mouse seeking shelter as well because mice can fit through the size of a dime. A drainage pipe that isn’t sealed right can invite mice to crawl though and enter through a household drain, for example. Check the screens on your windows and doors to ensure there aren’t any holes here that mice could fit through.


Common Signs of Mouse Entry Points

Entry points are sometimes the most obvious places to determine if you have a mouse infestation. Around entry points, you might notice the smell of urine or see holes chewed through the wall. This is also a common place to find mouse fecal droppings or see greasy marks on the walls where they have squeezed through.


Mice Entry Extermination and Prevention

Fortunately, the solution to preventing mice from entering your home can be resolved by a pest control professional, so it only takes one quick call to address the issue right away. It’s important to get a handle on mouse entry points early-on because mice can carry diseases and put your family at risk of health issues.


Precise Termite & Pest Control can help you stop mice from entering your home by strategically placing bait, traps, and other mouse control solutions to keep them away from your house. We also know where to look for various entry points and can seal them up so that no more mice are able to find their way indoors.

For a free inspection or to learn more about our mouse extermination and prevention strategies, give us a call at 866-971-2847 or fill out our online form.