Types of Mice and Common Questions About Mouse Infestations

Mouse gnawing on wiring of a home

A mouse in the house is never a good thing, but there are certain things you should know about mice to identify them and how to know whether you have a mouse infestation. In this article, we’re looking at the various types of mice, which ones are most common in New Jersey, and answering a few common questions that homeowners have about potential mice problems.

How Many Types of Mice Are There?

While there are well over a thousand different species of rodents, there are far fewer types of actual mice that exist. For example, there’s the common house mouse, deer mouse, field mouse, grasshopper mouse, harvest mouse, and pygmy mouse. But here in New Jersey, we’re most concerned with house mice, deer mice, and white-footed mice.

House mice are very common indoor rodents in our area that are foragers and can contaminate food supplies. Deer mice, which are also occasionally called field mice, live in weeds, fields, and grass, and they pose risks of carrying Lyme disease that can be transmitted to humans. While sometimes confused with deer mice, white-footed mice have characteristic white feet, they’re light brown with a white belly, and they prefer marshy areas and the woods.

What Does a House Mouse Look Like?

A house mouse usually has short hair that is brown or gray in color. It’s about two inches long, has a fairly hairless and long tail, and small eyes.

What Does a Deer Mouse Look Like?

Deer mice are larger than house mice, about three inches long and about twice their weight. These mice are typically brown in color with white bellies and feet.

What Color Are Field Mice?

Most field mice are shades of brown, but they can also be black or white in color.

How Big Can Mice Get?

Ultimately, the size of a mouse depends upon what species it is. However, most mice are about two or three inches long and weight up to an ounce.

Telltale Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation

You may have a mouse infestation if you notice droppings around your house, smell unexplained urine odors, or see holes gnawed through your walls. You also may notice your pets acting strangely, hear scampering noises, and see greasy marks on your walls. Mice can carry diseases and can damage your home. Any of these observations is a good reason to contact Precise Pest Control to have the situation checked out. We’re New Jersey’s mouse control experts, and we look forward to keeping your home free of mice!