How Do I Control Fire Ants in My House and Yard?

Fire ants in a backyard

There are many different kinds of ants that exist in New Jersey, but one of the most concerning types to have around your home is the fire ant. This is because unlike most varieties of ants, fire ants are able to bite and sting people and pets. At the first sign of a fire ant infestation, it’s important to exterminate these pests and take steps for proper fire ant prevention.

Here is some information about how to control fire ants in your house and around your yard. We’ll discuss what fire ants are, where they live, and best practices for fire ant prevention in New Jersey.

Fire Ant Identification

You may have a fire ant problem if you notice mounds as high as 18 to 24 inches tall, because fire ants typically create large and unique mounds near tree stumps and rotting logs. You may also find colonies of fire ants underneath buildings on your property. These ants have a reddish-brown color and are between 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch long. Fire ant identification can be very difficult if you don’t have a trained professional by your side.

Fire Ants in House

Fire ants may enter your home if you have shrubs, trees, or potted plants near entry points. This type of ant really thrives near structural foundations of buildings. They can also enter your home through the air conditioning unit or otherwise through the HVAC system.

Ant Control in a Garden or Yard

Fire ants also enjoy taking up residence in gardens and yards, depending on the type of landscaping you have. This is problematic because fire ants will attack and sting people or pets who disturb their mounds and nests. These stings can occur multiple times and result in raised, red welts. Some people who are allergic to insect stings will react even more severely to an encounter with a fire ant.

Fire Ant Prevention Strategies

To prevent potential injuries and an infestation of your home, it is a smart idea to take preventative measures in your yard and around your home’s foundation. There are specialized types of baits that you can place around your home and yard to deter fire ants from taking up residence. However, some DIY mound treatments can be quite costly and result in using an excess of insecticide that leads to environmental contamination. Fire ants can be very aggressive, so it is best to leave fire ant removal to the professionals. Professional exterminators may use a mix of chemical control, organic products, and biological control to get rid of fire ants in a fast, eco-friendly, and safe way.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants in New Jersey

Precise Pest Control is your local specialist in fire ant removal and prevention in New Jersey, and we have extensive experience in dealing with many different kinds of ants. We will come to your property and perform a free and complete evaluation to assess fire ant access points and problem areas around your yard. If you are experiencing any kind of ant issue, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-971-2847 or contact us online today!