How Often Should an Exterminator Come to Your Home?

Exterminator in a home

Unfortunately, many homeowners in New Jersey wait until the last minute to call an exterminator when they are having a pest problem and already experiencing health risks and structural damage. There are many benefits to frequent pest control visits and various factors that influence how often you need to have an exterminator come out for preventative maintenance.

Here is a discussion about pest control frequency, when to call an exterminator for help, and the best time of year for pest control services.

Guidelines for Pest Control Frequency

Where pests on your property typically accumulate, the severity of past infestations, and the types of pests your property is prone to dictate how often you need to have a pest control service come out. Certain types of pest control products are most effective in the first three months following application, which is why quarterly service is often recommended.

With four visits per year, you can also address the pest needs of each individual season and help you cater your pest control strategy accordingly. Even after a current pest infestation has cleared up, it’s a good idea to continue checkups throughout the year with the changes in seasons. Ask your pest control professional for his or her opinion about the recommended frequency for your specific home and yard because everyone’s potential pest situation is a bit different.

When to Call an Exterminator

Factors that influence when to call an exterminator include when pests become out of control, when your current efforts aren’t working, or if you are concerned about safety of kids of pets in the house. If you notice an increase in pests or are dealing with pests that are known to carry disease or cause harm to humans, this is also an appropriate time to call an exterminator.

Best Time of Year for Pest Control

Honestly, there is no bad time to call pest control for help because each season presents its own unique challenges for homeowners. However, the most popular time to call an exterminator for a checkup is the spring because many types of pests take shelter indoors and lie dormant during the winter months. It’s a smart idea to have your home and yard checked out in the very early spring to address potential problems before they become major issues.

In New Jersey, pests tend to be more active in the summer than in the winter. This means that homeowners are more likely to call for emergency service in the summer months, but that dormant pests may be easier to catch during the winter season. Certain pests, such as mosquitos, are more active after periods of heavy rain, so you may want to call an exterminator to have your property checked out after especially rainy and wet periods of weather. Pest control may be required more frequently for certain types of pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and mice.

For all your pest control needs in New Jersey, regardless of the season, call Precise Pest Control. We’ve been keeping local homes pest-free for over 25 years and would be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation evaluation and offer recommendations about pest control frequency and preventative measures you can take now to avoid infestations later.