How to Create a Bee-Friendly Backyard

bumblebee pollinating flower in a bee friendly gardenAlthough many people see bees as a nuisance, they actually play a very important role in our world. Bees pollinate many of the flowering plants that grow in the wild and agricultural plants that we depend upon for food. It has been estimated that honeybees and other pollinators help produce at least $19 billion worth of agricultural crops in the U.S. per year!

But you don’t have to be a farmer to see the advantages of having bees in your life. In fact, helping preserve the world’s bee population can start right in your own backyard. Here are some tips for creating a backyard that welcomes bees and eco-friendly methods for bee control.

Build a House for Bees

Perhaps you’ve built a simple birdhouse in the past to provide them with some shelter. Well, bees would love a home of their own in your yard too! To get started, you can use an empty, waterproof milk carton with the spout cut off or a similarly sized box made of wood scraps. Then paint the house in bright colors and insert brown paper nest tubes, which you can purchase commercially or make your own by wrapping brown paper around a pencil. Face the house towards the south or east at about eye level. It may help to keep a bowl of moist clay near the house because certain types of bees will make use of construction material.

Pick Plants that Nourish Bees

Certain plants attract bees, and you can easily incorporate these plants into your yard. Bees typically like exotic plants that produce a lot of nectar. But choose plants that are native to your region because local bees will recognize and be more attracted to them. A few good plants and herbs for a bee-friendly backyard include sunflowers, goldenrod, lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary.

Choose Colors That Attract Bees

Another great way to invite bees to your yard is to add more color. The best choices for plant colors that bees like are yellow, purple, orange, blue, and pink.

Don’t Overuse Insecticides

It should go without saying, but using too many insecticides in your yard will deter all types of insects, including the beneficial ones like bees. By hiring a professional exterminating company that understands the importance of bees or by using natural products, you can help bees thrive in your space.

Take a Class on Beekeeping

If you’d like to take your passion for bees to the next level, why not sign up for a beekeeping class and learn from the pros? There are some great resources to learn more about bees in the state, such as the New Jersey Beekeepers Association, the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association, and local farms around the area.

Protecting your Family from Aggressive Stinging Insects

While your backyard and the environment as a whole can benefit greatly from bees, there are other stinging insects that can cause more harm than good. Aggressive stinging insects, like wasps and yellow jackets, can terrorize families in New Jersey and cause serious physical harm.

The bee control professionals at Precise Pest Control are skilled in bee hive removal and stinging insect extermination to help keep you safe throughout the seasons. If you are having a stinging insect issue, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-971-2847 and we’ll send out a professional to get the situation under control in an eco-friendly way!