Animal Control Bergen County NJ: Things to Consider

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As the winter months approach, people often find themselves searching for the best animal control in Bergen County to eliminate those wild animals that have taken shelter inside their homes. Everybody needs to live somewhere, and wild animals are no different. As the weather gets colder, it’s a good idea to examine your house carefully and make sure you don’t have any potential trouble spots that are attracting unwanted critters inside. If you find them, fix the problem before the weather turns any colder.


Yard Clutter

Wood piles, coiled hoses and cluttered garages are all warm and inviting places for rodents and other wildlife to inhabit during the winter. The best way to avoid housing animals in these places is to eliminate them with the help of the best animal control Bergen County has to offer. Move wood piles far away from your home, or get rid of them altogether if you’re not planning on building winter fires. Clean out your shed or garage if it’s full of items you haven’t used in years. Rake up any piles of decaying leaves or grass clippings. Animals especially find mulch layers close to your warm home inviting, so rake up any used mulch in your planting beds and reapply it in the spring.


Food Sources

Damaged garbage cans and those with missing lids are like gourmet restaurants for local wildlife. This is especially true over the winter months when natural food sources are scarce. Replace damaged or lidless cans immediately or risk harboring skunks, raccoons, mice, and other unwanted guests. If you have outdoor pets, bring them in for the season or make sure they finish their meals promptly. Never leave pet food outside, as it is an open invitation to local wildlife.

animal control bergen county


It takes a gap merely the size of a dime for mouse to be able to find or chew its way into your home. To keep out mice and other unwanted critters, check your home’s exterior for holes and cracks. Another option can be to have experienced animal control services inspect your house for them. These holes and cracks are usually found around vent pipes or places where plumbing and electrical services enter your home. If you find any, seal them with caulk after covering them with a 1/4 inch wire mesh. Remember to not caulk over vents, and cover them only with the wire mesh. Be sure to install sweeps under exterior doors as well, since small animals can sometimes simply walk into your home through the gap under a door.

Best Animal Control Bergen County Has: Precise Pest Control

If you do find that you have unwanted guests and simply want experienced animal control services to look for potential entry points in your home, call a professional animal control company. They can remove animals safely without cornering them and risking injury to either people or the animal. They will make sure you don’t have to share your home with any unwanted guests this winter, unless your mother-in-law comes by for a visit. But that’s another problem entirely.

Precise Pest Control’s animal trappers are highly trained and will remove the animal quickly and humanely. You can contact them at 866-971-2847 for a free inspection.