Are Squirrels Becoming a Nuisance in Your Home and Yard?

One of the biggest threats to any well-manicured landscape is the furry-tailed pest better known as the squirrel. New Jersey is home to a variety of squirrels that can seek shelter in parts of your home. Kids might adore them, but homeowners wish them away every year. From wood patios to just-planted bulbs, it seems as though nothing’s safe where the squirrels are concerned. Speaking to a knowledgeable squirrel removal service is your best bet to rid your home of this pests.

Protect Your Flowers

Bulbs can be very expensive and the process of mapping out and planting them is time consuming, so it is with justification that homeowners are incensed when they find the bulbs missing and a squirrel is to blame. Luckily, there are a few options for protecting your garden.

First off, note the bulbs squirrels enjoy and the ones they hate. Crocus, lily and tulip bulbs are favorites but squirrels hate the taste of daffodils, fritillaria and camassia bulbs. When planning your garden, research which bulbs squirrels are prone to eat and which they avoid.

Additionally, soaking the bulbs in a repellent containing thiram will keep the squirrels away, or you can build a barrier made from chicken wire to protect the bulbs. Finally, clean up after gardening. Leaving behind debris such as the bulb tunic provides squirrels with a scent trail to the freshly planted bulbs.

Protect Your Lawn

Digging a hole in your lawn to bury food for the winter is a natural part of a squirrel’s life and there’s really not much homeowners can do to stop this. However, you can take preventative measures to limit the damage. Setting out feeders during the winter months will replace their need to dig up your lawn in search of food. If you have a tree in your yard, clean up the fallen acorns regularly so they have nothing to harvest and bury. Setting up motion-activated lawn accessories or even wind chimes around active burying sites will also scare the squirrels away before any significant damage is done.

Protect Your Home

The damage to your home can become expensive over time and having the squirrels removed who have claimed residency in your home can alleviate the headache and expenses they create. Their teeth are constantly growing and at times need to be shaved down, hence the chewing on wood. Some of the damages they can cause may include:

  • Chewing on wires
  • Nest debris in attic
  • Squirrel droppings
  • Chewed Fascia boards
  • Loosen Soffit Screens

If the squirrel damage is extensive, or if your home is overrun with squirrels to the extent that the measures listed here are ineffective, consider hiring a squirrel removal service. In New Jersey, squirrel removal services are available in both urban and rural neighborhoods and the squirrels are removed without harm, allowing your home to return to its full glory.

Contact Precise Termite & Pest Control for Your Squirrel Removal Needs

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