How to Make a Squirrel Baffle & Why These Devices Are Effective

As they run around the yard and up trees, squirrels may look harmless enough. However, squirrels can actually cause a lot of damage to the inside and outside of your home. This damage includes chewing holes in your home’s exterior, chewing wires inside your home, tearing home insulation, and leaving behind waste that poses a health hazard. This is why squirrel baffles have become so popular among homeowners. This article will explain what a squirrel baffle is, why they work well, and how to make a squirrel baffle of your own at home.

What Is a Squirrel Baffle?

Whether store-bought or homemade, a squirrel baffle is a device that deters squirrels from climbing to the top of birdfeeders and eating the food you’ve left out for birds. They often feature a cylindrical shape that rotates and provides an unstable and slippery climbing surface for pests. Homeowners mount these squirrel guards on poles that lead up to birdseed and in a position far enough from the ground and food so it cannot be jumped to.

How Squirrel Baffles Aid Pest Control

If squirrels know that there is a readily available source of food in your yard, they are more likely to congregate around your home. More squirrels in your yard translate into a higher risk of inside and outside damage caused by squirrels. Removing access to their food source is a great first step for pest prevention.

Making Your Own DIY Squirrel Guard

There are many commercially sold squirrel baffles that you can buy in stores and online today, including ones that are dome-shaped, cylinder-shaped, and disk-shaped. They come in various colors and can actually look quite stylish as yard décor.

However, you can also save money and take squirrel control into your own hands by making your own DIY squirrel guard at home. One method involves using a jigsaw to cut the bottom out of a large stainless steel mixing bowl and attaching the squirrel guard with bolts and L-brackets to a bird feeder pole. You can also make a DIY version with a stovepipe, end cap, metal screws, and hose clamp – all materials commonly found at a hardware store. Just make sure to place your squirrel guard more than four feet high so that squirrels can’t jump past it and access birdseed.

How Precise Pest Control Can Help Prevent Squirrel Damage

Squirrel baffles are a great way to help deter pests from your yard, but this device alone often isn’t enough for serious squirrel problems in New Jersey. If squirrels have already invaded your yard, we can help remove them and prevent them from multiplying and spreading diseases. Call Precise Pest Control at 866-971-2847 at the first sign of squirrel damage for your free inspection before your pest issue worsens.