Squirrels: A Health and Home Hazard

Squirrels are seemingly cute, harmless, little critters and when they are in their natural habitat. However, once they enter your home, they become hazardous to both your health and house. Once they have entered your home, hiring a reliable and experienced squirrel pest control company should be the next step to take.

Health Hazards:

Most people become suspicious that they may have a squirrel infestation by the noise produced by the animals. Scurrying, scratching, and mysterious bumps are the most common noises made by squirrels. While these sounds come at all hours of the day and can be irritating, they are the least of your worries. The biggest health concern is disease transmission. Squirrels are known to carry rabies, and tetanus. They also carry parasites that carry their own set of diseases. Squirrels bring ticks and fleas inside your house. Once a flea enters your house, it will make its home in your carpet, on your pet, or on furniture and become difficult to eliminate. Squirrels mark their territory by spraying their urine and droppings. Contact with squirrel droppings is proved to cause salmonella and Leptospirosis. Salmonella causes diarrhea while Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection accompanied with flu like symptoms. Neither disease is life threatening except in rare cases involving very young children or the elderly. Squirrels will also bite or scratch if they feel threatened.

Home Hazards:

Squirrels pose a great threat to the value of your home. As rodents, squirrels must chew to keep their teeth filed down. They are not particular about the materials they gnaw on either. They will chew on anything: plastic, wires, and wood are the biggest hazards in your home. Squirrels will feast upon plastic pipes, causing flooding or electrical wires, causing fires. Fires are the number one hazard associated with having squirrels in your home. In addition to the dangers of squirrels in your home, they cause other less serious damage. They like to nest in insulation in attics or walls. Squirrel urine can leak from the insulation onto ceilings and cause discoloration and odor. Squirrels can also chew more holes in the exterior of your home for easy access in and out. This could allow more animals to enter your house.

Contact an Expert New Jersey Squirrel Removal Company

If your home has been taken over by squirrels and are causing problems not only with your health but to your home as well, contact the experts at Precise Termite and Pest Control, a New Jersey pest control service, at (866) 971-2847 to schedule a free inspection of your home or business.