Bergen County Squirrel Control in 6 Easy Steps

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In cold weather areas with snow and below-freezing temperatures, animals have to seek shelter to ward off the cold. Bears hibernate in dens, rabbits and foxes retreat below ground, and citified squirrels are more than likely to invade nearby houses to set up their cozy and warm nests.
Having a family of squirrels wintering in your attic might make a charming storyline for a children’s book, but in reality, it’s a nuisance that nobody needs or wants. The troublesome pests can damage the house by gnawing on wooden boards that support the roof. Worse yet, they can chew through electrical wiring, causing sparking and short fuses that can potentially turn into a serious fire.

Squirrel problems in Bergen County can best be handled by following the old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ In football terminology, the best offensive is a good defense. You can defend your home from the invading pests by following these basic steps:

Effective Bergen County Squirrel Control in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Tree trimming. Cut any tree branches that are within eight feet of the house, the normal jumping distance for a squirrel, Keep that zone clear by trimming regularly.
  2. Install tree shields. Keep squirrels from climbing or nesting in your trees by installing a band of sheet metal two feet wide around the tree trunk about eight feet above the ground.
  3. Look for entry points into the attic. Squirrels will usually abandon their attic nests when the summer heat arrives. That’s the time you need to act to permanently block and seal their entry holes.
  4. Use repellents. Spray the roof and attic area with a repellent liquid available at garden and pet stores. A homemade repellent made of 1 tablespoon of hot sauce mixed with each quart of water is also effective.
  5. Install caps on chimneys. At the same time, repair any gap in the chimney flashing at the base of the chimney.
  6. Block entry holes. This could be more difficult than it sounds since squirrels can squeeze through an opening no larger than an adult fist. Here are some basic techniques:
    • Check for gaps where rotted wood exists, around openings where pipes and utility cables enter the house, and any other holes that show up when shinning a flashlight from inside the attic
    • Once you have located all of the possible entry points, map out a plan of action. Replace rotted wood where necessary and plug any openings.
      Reliable Bergen County Squirrel Control Services

Because squirrels breed and multiply rapidly, it’s important to act promptly when you first identify you have a squirrel problem. If not, the squirrel population in the trees around your home can to grow to unmanageable sizes.

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