How to Pest Proof Your Home in the Winter: Bergen County, NJ

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People think summer pests are terrible, but they should just wait until winter. When the temperatures drop in New Jersey, pests like insects and rodents are just like us: They head indoors. Here are some things you can do to pest-proof your home in the wintertime.

  • Seal Points of Entry One of the most common fears of mankind is arachnophobia: the fear of spiders. Even if you don’t get creeped out by these eight-legged creatures, you have to take action against them, or they can quickly overrun a home. The key to keeping spiders out is to find and seal any openings leading from the outside into the house. After that, clean up all cobwebs and especially any spider egg sacs. A broom and a vacuum cleaner are sufficient for these tasks.
  • Keep a Very Clean House Rodents are another pest that will seek the comfort of your home when it gets cold outside. The first line of defense is closing up any entry points into the home. Mice and even rats can squeeze through the smallest of gaps, so pay close attention to openings around vents and pipes. Also, make sure to clean up any crumbs inside, put away pet food when your cat or dog is done eating, and keep food in sealed glass jars or plastic containers that are air-tight. These same preventative measures also apply to keeping out cockroaches.
  • Trim Tree Branches Squirrels and raccoons may appear to be cute to some people, but most would agree that a squirrel infestation in the attic is anything but adorable. They often make their way into homes through chimneys, vents or weaknesses in the roof. To keep them off the roof it’s crucial to trim overhanging tree branches because they provide convenient bridges to rooftops for these pests. Screening chimneys and vents will also help to prevent entry. If raccoons or squirrels have already made their way inside, you can try using a humane trap to catch and release the critters before sealing off the entry and exit points.
  • Be Careful with Firewood We love our fireplaces in New Jersey, and unfortunately, pests love to make their homes in the piles of firewood we collect. Termites, stink bugs and spiders, in particular, favor piles of wood. It’s important to keep any wood stacks away from the home and up off the ground on a platform. Covering the wood with a plastic tarp can also help to keep pests off it. Check the wood carefully before you bring it inside so that you don’t bring any unwelcome stowaways into your home.

Pest Control Bergen County

Keeping pests out of the home in the wintertime takes ongoing vigilance on the part of the homeowner. Sealing off points of entry is key. If you’re having a problem with pests, the odds are you’d benefit from an inspection by a qualified pest control expert in Bergen County. Sometimes the source of a pest problem isn’t apparent to the untrained eye. By preventing the issue from reoccurring and treating the existing infestation, your home can be a cozy, pest-free haven all winter long. Partnering with experienced pest control Bergen County experts who are familiar with this particular New Jersey territory is a sure fire way to prevent an infestation from occurring again. Contact Precise Termite & Pest Control Services today at 866-971-2847.