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Bergen County Squirrel Control in 6 Easy Steps

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In cold weather areas with snow and below-freezing temperatures, animals have to seek shelter to ward off the cold. Bears hibernate in dens, rabbits and foxes retreat below ground, and citified squirrels are more than likely to invade nearby houses to set up their cozy and warm nests.
Having a family of squirrels wintering in your attic might make a charming storyline for a children’s book, but in reality, it’s a nuisance that nobody needs or wants. The troublesome pests can damage the house by gnawing on wooden boards that support the roof. Worse yet, they can chew through electrical wiring, causing sparking and short fuses that can potentially turn into a serious fire. Continue reading

Top Ten Facts About Squirrels

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With over 265 different species and living on every continent except Antarctica and Australia; squirrels are one of nature’s most ubiquitous mammals. They reside in nearly every environment available and are a common fixture throughout the US and Europe. Here are ten other fascinating facts about these clever animals. Continue reading

Protect Your Home from Roaches this Summer

Cockroaches are very tough insects that can survive in virtually any type of environment. However, roaches tend to thrive in warm weather. As the summer heat approaches, your home could become the perfect habitat for a colony of roaches. Not only are these household pests extremely filthy, but they are also a major threat to your family’s health. In order to prevent cockroaches from overtaking your residence, you must take the necessary precautions. Talking to an experienced pest control service in New Jersey will not only give you options in order to successfully remove these pests from your home but will also make sure to secure any access points into your home.

Allergic Reactions

Cockroaches are known to cause allergic reactions in humans. Often times, some skin rashes actually stem from being exposed to roaches. Children are especially at risk of becoming sick due to the presence of roaches within the home. These annoying insects tend to leave feces and saliva wherever they roam. The kitchen counter-tops, bed sheets, and carpeting are all susceptible to being contaminated by cockroaches. Roaches prefer to roam in the darkness of the night, so you may not even catch them in the act.

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