If You Can’t Send Ants to Space, Then the Best Carpenter Ant Removal NJ Has To Offer Will Have To Do

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Ants are found almost everywhere on Earth except the continent that bears their name—ANTartica. Now, they can even be found in space, thanks to the scientists at NASA and a group of researchers from Stanford University who joined together to send ants up to the space station last year. The insects were sent as part of an experiment to see if ants could coordinate as well in space as they do on Earth. The ants started out in the corner of a box. After astronauts removed the barriers that kept them in the corner, the ants spread out and covered the environment in less than five minutes, despite not having a leader. This was not the first time ants have been in orbit. In 2003 they were launched on the Space Shuttle and perished with the astronauts on board when the structurally compromised shuttle burst into flames upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Ants in space were also a topic of an episode of The Simpsons in 1994.

But just because they’re now intergalactic travelers doesn’t mean that they belong on your counters, floors and home. They won’t regale you with tales of their voyages here on Earth or in the stars. They won’t even clean up the spaghetti sauce you spilled but haven’t yet cleaned up. Sure, they’ll swarm on it, but the counter will remain covered in sauce, no matter how many ants come over to “help.” The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep your house clean and absolutely spotless, especially the kitchen. Even a grain of salt or sugar can make ants want to swarm. Sweep and wipe down surfaces after meals to prevent them from having even the tiniest crumb. Keep unrefrigerated foods such as fruit and cookies covered and wash the dishes soon after the meal is completed—never leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Carpenter Ant Removal NJ

If you need the best carpenter ant removal NJ has to offer, you should call Precise Pest Control. Precise has been “Keeping Northern New Jersey Pest Free for Over 25 Years”—that’s our slogan. We offer residents of Bergen and Passaic County same day service—no need to go to bed knowing ants are crawling over your counter tops and furniture. It’s difficult to get rid of ants on your own if your property is already infested. Ant colonies can fester inside walls and under floor boards. Baits are the most effective ways to get rid of ants but they work best if chosen for the specific ant. Can you tell the difference between a carpenter ant and a pharaoh ant? Even NASA physicists would have trouble. Knowing where to place the bait can also mean the difference between successful eradication or a complete fail. It’s best to let the highly trained professionals of Precise Pest Control Services do it for you. We’re the best carpenter ant removal NJ has.

There will never be a time when all ants have been shot into space, never to return. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your hope of ant eradication. Just call Precise Pest Control at 866.971.2847 for a free inspection or contact us online. Browse our website to see a list of our services. Take back your kitchen! Get rid of those pesky ants.