Are Termites the Guardians of the Soil?

Bergen County Termite Control

Termites have an overall bad reputation in New Jersey. Most people who run across a termite are fast to call a New Jersey termite control company to take care of the problem. The reality is that termites fill an important niche in nature when it comes to soil and plants. You should understand why termites in New Jersey are actually beneficial for the soil.

Soil Aeration

One of the ways termites help the soil is by aerating entire areas around the central colony. Termites dig tunnels underground to make a nest. They also dig small holes and tunnels all over the surrounding area that are not necessarily attached to the main colony. These tunnels allow air to get into the soil more efficiently. Aeration is important because roots and beneficial bacteria in the soil require oxygen and nitrogen to grow. Aerated soil will make plants healthier and stronger.

Increase Moisture Levels

Termites increase the moisture levels deep down in the soil where it is needed. Most people do not realize that most of the water from rain or sprinklers does not make it into the ground. The water could be blown away by the wind. Much of it simply evaporates on the surface. The small holes that termites dig allow the water to penetrate the top layer of soil and make it down deeper where roots are located. This will help plants to thrive and to survive comfortably even in the hottest New Jersey weather.

Maintain Balanced Soil

Termites spend time breaking down natural substances like wood, dried leaves and deceased insects. They also have a tendency to move around stones and pieces of sand. They end up mixing all of these substances in the soil. Additionally, termite droppings can bind looser soil. The result is balanced soil that is a perfect growing medium for plants. Most types of plants in New Jersey have real trouble growing in soil that is too clay or too loam. Termites create balanced soil that is good for plants.

Add Nutrients to the Soil

Termites are beneficial because they can add nutrients to the soil. This happens in two ways. The first is due to a variety of bacteria located in the belly of the termite. Those bacteria get into the soil and help to trap nitrogen. They also lock other nutrients in the soil and extract some from the water and air. The nutrients termites add fertilize the soil making it far more desirable for growing a garden or lawn.

Reduce Erosion

The same factors that help to achieve a good soil balance will also help to reduce erosion on the property. Erosion can be a real problem that leads to ditches, uneven areas or other problems. Termite droppings and some of the sand or clay that is mixed in with the soil will strengthen it so that rain, water and wind do not cause everything to wash away over time. Termites are helpful for maintaining the structural integrity of the soil.

New Jersey Termite Control Company

A New Jersey termite control company can help eradicate an infestation on your property. Although termites are exceptionally good for the soil, they are extremely bad for your home. Termites that get into your home could cause thousands of dollars in damage. They could eat away the wooden structure of your house, the roof or the exterior walls. You never want to allow termites in your home. If you spot termites indoors, then you should call a New Jersey termite control company immediately for an inspection. Contact us or call us at 866-971-2847 for your free inspection today.