Tips For Effective Ant Control New Jersey!

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The most effective ant control New Jersey has to offer comprises of a well-thought out plan of attack.  In addition, a common pest problem in the northeastern United States is an infestation of black carpenter ants. In the wilderness, they can be found in hollow timber, old logs and tree stumps. When unable to find a sufficient amount of food in the wilderness, they will migrate to homes. They are not attracted to dry, solid wood. What they seek is soft, moist woods that are rotting as well as insulation board and more. They are a real concern for homes built in very rural areas.

The Most Effective Ant Control New Jersey Has To Offer Includes A Concerted Effort

Black Carpenter Ants Are Not Termites

It is easy for a homeowner to mistake black carpenter ants for termites. Both are very social insects that exist in colonies. Black carpenter ants do not eat wood for food. Their tunnels are smooth and contain no fecal matter or soil particles. It is important to know the difference. Effective ant control in New Jersey includes eliminating an infestation of black carpenter ants and understanding the difference between them and termites. A colony of carpenter ants will have a single wingless queen and many sterile female workers who have no wings. Black carpenter ants are inactive during cold months. Should a nest of them be near a heated portion of a building, they could become quite active during winter.

Ant Prevention

There are things a homeowner can do to prevent an infestation of black carpenter ants. They can remove rotting logs and empty tree stumps as well as any such waste that is located within 90 yards of their home. It is important to make certain that no vegetation is in contact with their house. This is very important with evergreen trees and shrubs. If they have firewood, it should be kept a good distance from their house and kept off the ground. Any exterior wood surfaces need to be painted and sealed to prevent any build-up of moisture.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

There are certain things a homeowner can look for that indicate their home has an infestation of black carpenter ants. If they see piles of wood particles, parts of dead insects or other debris coming from cracks located in the basement or attic as well as under the porch.


On February 24, 2015, shipping containers in Hawaii containing oak Timbers were shown to have black carpenter ants. The containers came from Tennessee. Once detected, the containers were sealed and put under quarantine. About 12 years ago Hawaii experienced an infestation of black carpenter ants but was able to eliminate it.

Ant Control: Professional Pest Management

A New Jersey ant control professional will know how to locate the ant trails in a house. They will know the most effective carpenter ant baits to use. These baits may need to be reapplied if they become depleted. There is even an effective black carpenter ant treatment that can be placed on the outside area of a house. A pest management professional will know if this is appropriate and how it should be applied. In some cases, utilizing insecticide sprays and dusts where the black carpenter ant forage may eliminate the infestation.

Carpenter Ant Removal NJ

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