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If You Can’t Send Ants to Space, Then the Best Carpenter Ant Removal NJ Has To Offer Will Have To Do

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Ants are found almost everywhere on Earth except the continent that bears their name—ANTartica. Now, they can even be found in space, thanks to the scientists at NASA and a group of researchers from Stanford University who joined together to send ants up to the space station last year. The insects were sent as part of an experiment to see if ants could coordinate as well in space as they do on Earth. The ants started out in the corner of a box. After astronauts removed the barriers that kept them in the corner, the ants spread out and covered the environment in less than five minutes, despite not having a leader. This was not the first time ants have been in orbit. In 2003 they were launched on the Space Shuttle and perished with the astronauts on board when the structurally compromised shuttle burst into flames upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Ants in space were also a topic of an episode of The Simpsons in 1994. Continue reading

Tips For Effective Ant Control New Jersey!

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The most effective ant control New Jersey has to offer comprises of a well-thought out plan of attack.  In addition, a common pest problem in the northeastern United States is an infestation of black carpenter ants. In the wilderness, they can be found in hollow timber, old logs and tree stumps. When unable to find a sufficient amount of food in the wilderness, they will migrate to homes. They are not attracted to dry, solid wood. What they seek is soft, moist woods that are rotting as well as insulation board and more. They are a real concern for homes built in very rural areas. Continue reading

Protect Your Home from Wood-Boring Insects

Though there may be nothing more relaxing than spending a cool summer night out on a deck or porch, there are also few things that fill a homeowner with a sense of dread faster than the tell-tale piles of sawdust left by wood-boring insects. Though most people immediately assume termites when they see any insect-related wood damage, this kind of external wear is just as likely to be the result of a carpenter ant or carpenter bee infestation. This damage is not just unsightly: long-term damage by wood-boring insects can result in serious damage to wooden structures and result in major renovation costs. Thus, it is important to have a good grasp on methods for carpenter ant control in NJ, as well as for other pests.

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Different Types of NJ Ants and the Damage They Cause

We all are familiar with those tiny little hard-working creatures known as ants. Some of us find them fascinating, but others struggle to eliminate their presence from their homes and businesses. Those looking for an ant exterminator in Passaic County, New Jersey will find excellent experienced help available. They can assist you in identifying the particular variety of ant with which you are plagued and can implement appropriate measures for eliminating colonies of different ant-types.

Black Carpenter Ant

The black carpenter ant will love to build its nests in any dead and wet wood forming part of your home. They will not eat the wood as will termites, but will spread out around your house seeking food and making it more their home than yours. Also their nest-building habits may further weaken already weak wooden structures. From their main “primary” next they can spread out to form “satellite” nests where they leave “frass.” Frass is a fancy name for ant feces. This frass trail provides a clue to the finding of the primary nest. If the hollowed-out wood is filled with mud you can bet it is termites. If not, it may be carpenter ants doing the damage. Professional ant exterminators will know what kinds of insecticides to use to put these carpenters’ activities to an end. They can fill in ant-hollows with dry pesticide or drip a liquid form along their foraging trails so as to spread death to the primary colony.

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How To Determine the Differences Between Termites and Carpenter Ants

Pest infestations can destroy property and can be a health risk for you and your family. Getting the most experienced termite or carpenter ant exterminator in NJ is the best way to handle the infestation. However, if property owners knew what kind of pest infestation they have, it can help the pest control professionals and property owners when finding the best strategy to remove and defend the property in the future. Two of the most common pests are termites and carpenter ants. The problem with these two pests is they have some similar patterns of destruction and appearance. Here are ways a property owner can determine the difference between a termite infestation and a carpenter ant infestation.


Most insects have antennas that act as a sensory organ. Termites have short, pointed antennas that cannot be bent. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, have jointed antenna that appear as if they can be bended like a person’s elbow.

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