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Bird Removal NJ: When the Non Native European Starlings Invade Your Space

Bergen County Bird Removal

Consulting the best service partners available for bird removal NJ has to offer is your best bet in controlling unwanted pests. European Starlings are a common species of bird that can be found nearly anywhere, from Alaska to Mexico. They are about the size of a robin and each weight about 3.2 ounces. They are completely black during the summer and develop white spots during the winter. Both males and females have pale yellow beaks during the breeding season and dark beaks the rest of the time

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Bird Removal Services in New Jersey

One of the services Precise Termite and Pest Control provides is bird control services in New Jersey. One of the places that birds such as starlings, pigeons and seagulls tend to build their nests is in gutters or other stable outside building structures such as behind company signs. Birds are not clean animals and can carry many diseases. Birds are creatures of habit and unfortunately, removing their nests from the building structure isn’t enough, their return must also be prevented. This is done by using barriers such as nets, baits, or mild and harmless electric shock wires.

Having birds conspicuously nesting on your home or place of business can cause damage in numerous ways. First, their droppings can contain numerous diseases and are very eroding. If not cleaned within a day; they often attach and melt into the part of the structure that they are on. Insects and rodents are attracted to the nests which will ultimately cause more headaches in the long run for the homeowner.

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