Bird Removal Services in New Jersey

One of the services Precise Termite and Pest Control provides is bird control services in New Jersey. One of the places that birds such as starlings, pigeons and seagulls tend to build their nests is in gutters or other stable outside building structures such as behind company signs. Birds are not clean animals and can carry many diseases. Birds are creatures of habit and unfortunately, removing their nests from the building structure isn’t enough, their return must also be prevented. This is done by using barriers such as nets, baits, or mild and harmless electric shock wires.

Having birds conspicuously nesting on your home or place of business can cause damage in numerous ways. First, their droppings can contain numerous diseases and are very eroding. If not cleaned within a day; they often attach and melt into the part of the structure that they are on. Insects and rodents are attracted to the nests which will ultimately cause more headaches in the long run for the homeowner.

Also, birds tend to be very noisy and especially if people can see them perched on the building; it can send the message of desperation for food which can lead to a loss in inventory. Another way that birds are unsafe is that their nests can also lead to clogged drains, which can result in roof damage and thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements. On farms and vineyards, they can also cause crop and vegetation damage.

Also, birds are not known for being gentle and in some places, often harass humans for food. They are wild animals and are not to be treated as pets. Dealing with birds can and often is a hazardous task and as a result, it is best to use a professional service to do the job. Here at Precise Termite and Pest Control, we have highly trained and experienced exterminators who are available to come to your home and place of business to do everything we can to ensure that your home or place of business will be safe again.

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If you are currently struggling with unwanted birds in your home or place of business, please do not hesitate to contact Precise Termite and Pest Control at (866) 971-2847 to schedule a free home or business inspection. Do not let birds and other pests take over your home or business, contact the Precise Termite and Pest Control for professionally trained New Jersey pest control services. The services offered at Precise Pest Control are offered in Passaic County, Bergen County, and other NJ counties.