The Risks of a Bird Infestation and How to Prevent Bird Issues Around the Home

bird infestation on roof of house

Many people enjoy the sounds of birds chirping in the morning to welcome a new day, but not all bird interactions are this pleasant. Birds tend to roost on roofs and other areas around the home, coming back year after year or never even really leaving the premises. Here is some information about the risks of bird infestations in your home and yard, how to remove and prevent birds from coming back, and the importance of humane treatment of birds.

Health Hazards Caused by Birds

Birds are notorious for leaving behind droppings that are full of diseases. These droppings are unsanitary and unsightly, and even more problematic if you have kids or pets at home. Studies show that birds and the droppings they leave behind can carry more than 60 diseases, including E. coli, salmonellosis, histoplasmosis, and candidiasis. Even if you don’t touch the droppings, you’re still at risk. This is because the strong odors caused from the droppings can infiltrate ventilation systems and enter the human respiratory system to cause bodily harm.

 Property Damage Caused by Birds

In addition to the health risks, birds can also cause severe damage to the structure of your home and your yard. Birds can block ventilation ducts to cause fires, clog gutters to cause flooding, and even cause rust due to the corrosive nature of their droppings. The cost of repairs to your roof, nearby equipment and machinery, and even automobile finishes can be surprisingly high when you have a lot of birds in your yard on a regular basis.

How to Remove Birds from Your Property

Since birds can be very difficult to control in a safe and humane way, bird infestations are best left to the experts. At Precise Pest Control, we use a variety of methods for bird removal, including baits, netting, and trapping. Other ways to scare away birds include installing a scarecrow or other decoys around your property, hanging balloons or reflective materials outside, or just letting your dog loose to send them scattering!

Preventing Bird Infestations

However, simply removing a current flock of birds won’t necessarily solve your bird problem. After removing the troublesome birds from your property, our next goal is to prevent them from coming back. To do this, we can install wires to deter birds from roosting, mechanisms to deliver small non-lethal shocks to birds that land where they’re not supposed to, and noise devices to deter them while flying.

Treating Birds Kindly and Humanely

Birds may be a nuisance at times, but they are still beautiful creatures that deserve our respect. Many DIY methods of removing birds from a property are cruel and dangerous. But at Precise Pest Control, we know how to remove birds safely and effectively without harming or killing them. We will do our best to remove the birds invading your home without harming a feather on their bodies, and we have 25+ years of experience in how to do this best in New Jersey. Call us at 866-971-2847 today or contact us online for a free inspection!