Is Pest Control Necessary in the Winter?

Professional exterminator in protective workwear spraying pesticide in apartment kitchen in the winter.During the warm months of the year, New Jersey residents tend to see more insects and other pests in their homes and around their yard because they spend more time outside. However, pest control in winter is also very important because troublesome critters don’t just disappear when the weather gets cold.


Here is why winter pest control is necessary and how you can keep your home free from pests all season long.


Common Winter Pests

Here in Bergen and Passaic counties, there are lots of different pests that our customers need our help with during the winter. Mice and rats are rodents that invade homes during the winter months, while raccoons start to move into attics, garages, and sheds when the temperature drops. You’ll often see spiders in New Jersey homes in the winter, as well as moths in places filled with light and cockroaches and beetles if you leave crumbs behind after holiday parties.


Winter Habitats for Pests

In the winter, insects commonly move inside of homes where it is warm and a food supply is nearby. Some of the insects that move indoors in the winter are spiders, ants, ladybugs, cockroaches, stinkbugs, and termites.


Pests like to find firewood, cracks, holes, and moist areas of houses to live in. Basements and crawl spaces are typical areas to check for pest activity. Some types of houses are more prone to pest control winter issues, such as cabins in the forest and older houses that need structural repairs. Insects and rodents are more likely to cause you problems in the winter if you have dirty garbage cans or plumbing leaks that cause damp areas.


Pest Control Winter Tips for Prevention

One of the best things you can do to prevent a winter pest infestation is to inspect your home for damage and potential entry points. Area to check include the roof line, firewood storage area, vents, window screens, door cracks, and gutters.


Remove debris from around your property so that you don’t entice pests to come find shelter near you. Other preventative tips include installing door sweeps, fixing leaky pipes, replacing loose mortar, and adding screen vents to chimneys. The winter season is also an ideal time to call a professional exterminator to take a look at your property and identify pest-prone issues that you may be unaware of.


Professional Help for Winter Pest Control

As you can see, pest control in the winter is absolutely necessary as part of a year-around maintenance strategy for keeping your Northern New Jersey home free of pests. Even during the busy holiday season, it is important to make pest control a priority so that a small pest issue doesn’t turn into a full-blown infestation that puts your health at risk and that becomes costly to remedy.


Now is an excellent time to schedule a free pest control winter inspection with Precise Termite & Pest Control to make sure that there aren’t any unwanted guests living in your home. Four-season pest control is crucial in New Jersey because of the large pest populations that are native to our area. We offer 10 percent off on new annual contracts to help you start the year off right with a winter inspection and pest assessment.


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