Where Do Bugs Go in the Winter?

spider in web during winter seasonHere in New Jersey, we usually think of summer as the most bug-prone season because we see so many pests flying and crawling around when the weather is warm. But this prompts the question, “Where do bugs go in the winter?”

Unfortunately, the most common answer is inside your home, where it’s warm, cozy, and has a readily available food supply. Here are the most common bugs that move from the outdoors into your home in the winter and what you can do to stop them.


Spiders of varying types and sizes seek warmth in the winter, especially in crawl spaces beneath your home that are easy to access. Spider activity is generally less in the winter, but they can still create nightmares for homeowners. Keep an eye out for spider webs and destroy webs as soon as you notice them to make your home less inviting for spiders.


Ants, especially carpenter ants, love the moisture caused by winter rains, ice, and snow melt. These pests set up nests in places where wood has been exposed to winter moisture, such as firewood that you bring into your home for the cozy fireplace. To keep ants away, never leave food out in the open, and try adding some peppermint oil drops around the kitchen to deter them from food storage areas.


Lady bugs may be one of the “cuter” bugs in our area, but that doesn’t mean you want them living inside your home. These insects love to find warmth in the winter to hibernate, and while they don’t do significant damage, they can secrete a fluid that stains fabrics and cause a foul odor if squished. Minor lady bug habitats can often be vacuumed up and released back into the outdoors.


Cockroaches have a reputation for being able to survive anything, but they actually will die if the temperatures drop to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. When our New Jersey winters get really cold, cockroaches look to move indoors through crawl spaces and basements. Where you see one cockroach, there are usually more hiding in the area, which is why it’s best to call an exterminator as soon as possible.


As their name suggest, the main problem with stink bugs are their terrible smell if they are stepped on or even just disturbed. These bugs crawl into cracks and holes in a home’s exterior and often go unnoticed until they are disrupted or even wait until spring to emerge.


Termites also thrive in moist areas, which is problematic in the winter if you have dense vegetation and brush around your home to attract them. It is also common for some termites to swarm in the fall, take up residence in homes in the winter, and then reproduce in the spring, which means that you could have a lot of termites on your hands next season if you don’t catch them early.

If you notice any bug activity inside your home or want to be proactive and keep them away for the winter, call Precise Termite and Pest Control at 866-971-2847 for a free inspection.