How to Prevent Winter Weather Damage Welcoming Pests into Your Home

Winter storms are notorious for wreaking havoc on homes and businesses in New Jersey, and this year is not expected to be any exception. Not only can storms cause damage to your home and property, but that damage can also create a welcoming environment to rodents and insects looking for a warm place to live.

Here are some tips for homeowners to prevent damage before winter storms strike and keep pests out of the home and yard.

Inspect your Roof line for Damage

Smart and savvy homeowners understand that the winter season comes with its fair share of maintenance headaches. But one of the best ways to start winterizing your home is to tackle the job from the top down…starting with the roof!

Inspect your roof line for existing damage caused by fallen branches and debris that occurred during the fall. Holes or cracks in the roof should be patched and repaired right away to prevent pests from finding their way inside your home. Mice control is especially important around this time of year, and excess moisture from roof leaks draws rodents in even more than usual.

Elevate & Separate Stored Firewood

There’s nothing cozier than a fireplace to gatherKeep firewood elevated and out of reach of pests
around during the holiday season, but there are certain precautions that homeowners must take to prevent pest infestations.

As a general rule, store your firewood at least one foot away from exterior walls and fences and at least one foot off the ground as well. If your firewood becomes displaced after a winter storm, make sure to rearrange and store it properly once the storm passes.

Seal Entry Points for Mouse Control

Another one of the best things you can do to keep your home pest-free all winter is to seal all possible entry points around the foundation, windows, doors, and cracks. Seal up any crevices with sealant and secure screen entry points like vents that open up to the outdoors.

Preventative mouse control measures like this go a long way in avoiding costly and time-consuming hassles later in the season. It’s also important to remove any window air conditioning units that you used during the summer to prevent pests from sneaking in around the edges.

Clean Out the Gutters

During the fall, leaves collect inKeep pests away from your home by regularly cleaning out your gutters the gutters and are accompanied by dirt, moisture, and other debris. This makes gutters a breeding ground for pests.

Before the temperatures drop too much, take a weekend afternoon to clean out your gutters to make your home less inviting to pests. Once the snow starts filling those gutters as well, cleaning them out will be much harder and less pleasant!

Remove Debris on Your Property

After a winter storm hits, it’s important to take action quickly to assess the damage and prevent additional problems like a pest infestation.

Make sure to haul storm debris, such as fallen branches and tree stumps, off your property as soon as possible for mice control and to prevent rodents from finding nesting sites close to the foundation of your home. The best way to handle winter storms is to be prepared for them in advance so they don’t catch you off-guard!

Hire a Professional to Apply Insecticide

Ideally by mid-fall, homeowners should contact a local pest control company like Precise Termite and Pest Control to spray insecticide outside around the perimeter of the home, garage, shed, and any other buildings on the property.

Multiple applications may be required for homes with serious infestations, so it’s a smart idea to schedule an appointment as early as possible. However, it’s never too late to take control of the situation with the help of trusted experts.