Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitos

Close up of Mosquito biting someoneMosquitos are part of our summer experience here in New Jersey, so there’s really no way to completely avoid these pesky insects. You can protect yourself with commercial mosquito repellent whenever you go outside or try natural mosquito repellent to limit your exposure to chemicals on your skin and that you breathe in.


Here’s an overview of natural bug repellents so you can make the best choice for yourself and your family. And if those solutions aren’t keeping the mosquitos away, Precise Termite & Pest Control can help.



One of the most well-known solutions for DIY mosquito control is citronella. Citronella is a natural, herb-based essential oil that comes in the form of candles and sprays. Studies have shown that citronella can be as effective as DEET when formulated right and used every couple ours.


Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Many people love the smells of lemon and eucalyptus, but mosquitos hate these scents. The CDC has proven that lemon eucalyptus oil can repel mosquitos, and this is a tried-and-true natural remedy that’s been around for generations.



Lavender has a scent that is pleasing to humans but that mosquitos dislike. Plant some lavender around your yard to produce this natural fragrance to repel mosquitos in areas you spend time in. You can also apply lavender oil to mosquito bites that have already happened because lavender’s antiseptic and antiseptic qualities help soothe the skin.



Cinnamon has been used in research studies and found to repel certain types of mosquitos. You can combine cinnamon oil with water to dilute it and spray the solution onto your skin or just in the air to help prevent mosquito activity.


Greek Catnip Oil

Another natural way to fight mosquitos in your yard is to grow Greek catnip in your yard or purchase the ready-made oil from the plant. The best part of the plant comes from the leaves that oil can be extracted from. Studies have found that this variety of catnip can actually be more effective than DEET for keeping mosquitos away.


Other Ways to Repel Mosquitos

In addition to natural solutions to protect your skin, there are also physical measures that you can take to keep mosquitos at bay. These include installing mosquito netting around your porch or patio and placing a fan next to you. These mosquito repellent ideas work to provide physical barriers between you and insects, while keeping the air moving and not stagnant. Eliminating standing water in your yard will also help deter mosquitos. You can also create an environment in your yard to attract the natural predators of mosquitos to let nature take its course, such as frogs and dragonflies.


How to Repel Mosquitos Most Effectively

Natural mosquito repellent options are definitely worth a try and work well for many people who love spending time outdoors. But if these natural bug repellents aren’t getting the job done and you still have stinging insects in your yard, it’s time to call Precise Termite & Pest Control. Not only are mosquitos a nuisance, but they can also transmit diseases and put your health at risk.


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