Ant Pest Control: Tips to Keep Ants Away All Summer

Ant infestation in homeWhile some of us may have grew up burning ants with a magnifying glass on summer vacation, we (as pest control experts) will tell you that there’s a better way to approach ant control.

A few months ago, on our blog, we highlighted the risks of DIY ant control products and some ways that you can keep kids and pets safe. In this article, we will suggest some easy summer tips for ant control NJ and when it’s time to call a professional ant exterminator.

Commercial Ant Repellents on the Market

If you stop by your local home supply, grocery, or hardware store, you’ll likely see a few different ant exterminator products on the shelves. For example, you may find commercial ant baits, sprays, dusts, powders, and granules that are marketed for killing ants. Whether you choose sprays, baits stations, or a liquid formula, most of the commercially-sold products contain chemicals that can potentially put the health of humans and pets at risk.

At Home Ant Control: Family-Friendly Ant Traps

As an alternative to chemical products, there are ways to create your own ant repellents and reduce your family’s exposure to toxic substances. Although home traps may not always solve extensive ant infestation problems, they do offer the opportunity to educate kids about the habits of ants and the situations in which home traps are effective.

As a natural ant bait, have your kids place bay leaves, cayenne pepper, or cloves at the ants’ point of entry to deter them from making their way inside. You can also help your kids mix a bit of vinegar, water, and tea tree oil along the path that ants have been traveling to get rid of them in your house.

Additionally, ants don’t like baby powder, soapy water, or coffee grounds. Turn your ant control problem into a science experiment with your little ones to see which of these methods works the best for the type of ants coming into your home. Not only will your kids learn something about one of earth’s most common creatures, but they’ll also learn some valuable life skills that may come in handy down the road!

Ant Control NJ: Call an Ant Exterminator Today!

While you can definitely handle some pest issues on your own, ants pose a particularly tricky problem. Many generalized pest control products will include ants on their labels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are effective in killing ants. Also, just because a product kills ants doesn’t mean that it will solve an full-fledged ant infestation and get to the source of ant breeding grounds. You see, ants have an innate ability to smell and detect common pesticides, which renders some DIY products ineffective.

Honestly, sometimes it’s just better to call in someone who knows what they’re doing with ants and get the job done right. At Precise Pest Control, we have a comprehensive understanding of all the ant extermination methods available and can recommend the one (or ones) best-suited for your specific situation and household.

So, don’t let your summer be ruined by ants! Give us a call at 866-971-2847 or contact us online, and we’ll be glad to stop by for a free inspection and provide our recommendations for the most effective ant control solution for your ant problem.