5 Birds to Watch Out for This Winter Season

Bergen County birds nesting in winter

The weather is cold outside. The snow is falling, and the signs of life around you are few and far between. However, not all creatures are hidden or hibernating for the winter. There are a few species of birds that don’t mind the cold and stick around rather than migrating south. For bird watchers this can be a pleasant treat, but for homeowners who find these birds have taken shelter in their home it can be another story. You may need to call New Jersey bird control services if you find yourself in this situation. Birds can cause damage to your attic when they decide to make it their new home. Here are 5 birds to watch for this winter season:

European Starling

Starlings are a medium sized black bird, sometimes showing white specks in their feathers. They have black bills and are common in the winter. Starlings create very messy nests, and their droppings can contain a fungus which causes a lung disease in people. This fungus grows and multiplies in areas where their droppings are plentiful.

American Goldfinch

The goldfinch is a very small yellow or olive colored bird. These birds are common in residential areas and you will find them in backyards and near homes. While they have a cheerful chirp, you probably do not want to hear it constantly coming from above your ceiling.

House Sparrow

Sparrows are small birds that are gray or brown and quite plump. Sparrows love to nest on and around buildings. They will happily take up residence in your attic and you will be left with the mess of bird droppings and nests to clean up.

Northern Cardinal

The Cardinal is a medium sized bird that is either brown or red. These birds are common in backyards and gardens. Many people try to attract them with bird feeders as they are exceptionally beautiful.

Myrtle Warbler

This bird is a small grey and white bird with a distinctive yellow patch near the wing and above the tail. They are prolific in the winter time and are very resourceful birds. Warblers are seen in backyards all season long, but you want to ensure they do not take refuge in your home.

Contact a Bird Removal Company in New Jersey

Even if you are a bird lover, bird watcher, or nature enthusiast, these birds can be pests in your home. Bird droppings are messy to clean up, can lead to illness, and birds can destroy insulation or items you have stored in your attic. New Jersey bird control specialists can let you know what you can do to prevent birds from causing damage, as well as make sure your home is free from these bird pests. By relocating these birds from your home you can enjoy your friendly neighborhood birds this winter, outside, where they belong. Call us at (866) 971-2847 or schedule a free inspection by filling out our online reservation form. As a trusted termite and pest removal company in NJ, we know what it takes to remove or relocate these pests from your home.