How Do You Know When All the Mice Are Gone?

Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)If you’ve ever dealt with a problem of mice in the house, you know the desperate feeling of wanting to get them out as quickly as possible. But after you’ve caught one or more mice, is there any way to tell if that’s it or if more are lingering behind?


This article answers the question of how to know when all the mice are gone and also make sure that they stay away for good.


Trust Your Sense of Smell

Mice leave a certain foul odor behind that comes from their urine. When you have a mice infestation, you may smell this odor throughout your house. But when all the mice are gone, the smell should dissipate as well.


Inspect for Mice Droppings

Mice droppings are a sure sign that you have mice in the house. But are these new droppings you are seeing or old ones that you never discovered until now?


If you found mouse droppings but no mouse in a frequently used part of your house, chances are that you still have mice in the house that need to be taken care of. Also, keep an eye out for newly gnawed food containers in your cupboards that weren’t chewed through the last time you checked.


Listen Closely for Sounds

Turn off your stereo and TV periodically to listen for continued sounds of mice activity. It is much more likely that you will hear mice than actually see them. This is because mice scurry behind walls, under floorboards, in attics, and in closets. Your home should be silent once the mice have officially left your property. Mice are more active at night than in the day, so listen especially closely in the evening hours.


Leave Out Some Bait

There are also some clever ways that you can test if mice are still living in your home or if you have finally accomplished a mice-free residence. One simple trick that you can try is to sprinkle some flour on the floor where mice would likely travel before you go to bed. If you see tiny footprints in the flour the next morning, mice are still living in your home.


You can also leave out a sweet treat, such as a cookie, to see if any lingering mice find it and gnaw away at the delicious surprise. Setting mice traps with peanut butter or cheese can have the same effect.


Call a Professional to Check for You

While all of these mice investigation techniques can be effective as an amateur, the only real way to see if you still have mice in the house is to enlist the help of a professional. Precise Termite & Pest Control’s expert exterminators know exactly where to look for mice still hiding in your home and get them out so that they stay away for good. We’ll help you figure out how mice are coming into your home in the first place and the type of mice you’re dealing with. Then we can take the best course of action to get the remaining mice out of your home quickly and effectively so that you no longer have to worry about germs, disease, or unsanitary conditions.

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