List of Rodents That Cause Problems in New Jersey

mice on floor eating crumbsNo matter where you live on Earth, there are at least a few pests that create hassles and headaches in daily life. New Jersey is certainly no exception to this rule, as we have many troublesome critters that demand the attention of an extermination professional.

Here is a list of rodents that cause pest problems in our area and how pest control companies like Precise Termite & Pest Control can help.

Mice Pests

Among the extensive list of rodents living in New Jersey, mice are the most common and affect many households in our area. Mice are notorious for contaminating human food supply and can enter through the tiniest openings in a house. They can also chew through wires and spread disease after entering a home.

Rats Pests

Rats are sometimes mistaken for mice but are usually larger and have differences in body shape and coloration. When rats enter your house, they can damage wooden beams, pipes, soft concrete, electrical wiring, and plastic coatings. This can result in costly repairs, the spread of disease, and even house fires.

Squirrel Pests

Squirrels are also rodents and often make their way into New Jersey residences from their rightful homes out in nature. Squirrels invade attics to use as den sites and can quickly multiply and cause diseases in humans. They can also cause structural damage and electrical wiring damage if they aren’t noticed promptly.

Beaver Pests

There is a substantial beaver population in New Jersey because there are few natural predators here and they are able to coexist with humans pretty well. Beavers are large rodents with wide tails that love being near homes that are located by lakes and rivers. Having beavers on your property could result in water damage from dam-building and also serious health issues due to water contamination.

Gopher and Groundhog Pests

At Precise Termite & Pest Control, we often get calls about a gopher or groundhog living under a homeowner’s deck. These rodents resemble each other but have differences in their fur, tail, teeth, and feet. But no matter which one is living on your property, you want it gone because these rodents can destroy building foundations, chew through irrigation systems, and build tunnels to reach various parts of your property.

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