Do Mice Hibernate? Here’s What to Know About Mice in the Winter.

residential house during a snowy winter seasonWhen it comes to animals that hibernate, most people think of bears and bats. But what about rodents? You may be seeing fewer rodents these days now that the temperatures are cooler, but does that mean that rodents are hibernating too?

This article answers the question, “Do mice hibernate?”, and also explains how mice infestations can cause big issues in the winter months.

Where Mice Go in Winter

The short answer to this question is no, mice do not hibernate in the winter. In fact, mice are actually quite active during the winter months as they continually search for warm places (like your house) to live, escape predators, and forage for food.

Mice don’t particularly like cold weather though, so they look for tiny cracks and crevices in houses to sneak inside and enjoy some warmth and any food scraps left out. Mice that do not find their way indoors in the winter typically burrow into the ground to stay warm.

Damage Caused by Mice in Winter

Just because you don’t see as many mice during the winter doesn’t mean they aren’t actively causing damage. Mice are notorious for chewing through insulation that you need in the winter to stay warm in your home. They also chew through wires, which puts your home at risk of fires. When mice tear through packages of food in your pantry, they leave behind saliva and fecal droppings that can make you sick, especially during the winter months when your immune system is already working on overdrive to keep you feeling well.

Signs of Mice in the Winter

Mice droppings are telltale signs that you have an infestation problem during the winter. You’ll often see droppings on countertops and on the floor of the kitchen because mouse activity is often greatest near a food source.

You might also notice that packaged goods in the pantry have been gnawed through or even see chew marks on wood fixtures in your home, such as furniture or doorframe trim. Scurrying sounds in your ceiling, especially at night when mice are very active, are other signs that it’s time to call Precise Termite and Pest Control.

How to Keep Your Home Mice-Free During Winter

If you suspect a mouse problem in your home, it’s best to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible before they reproduce or spread out to other areas of your home. There are plenty of DIY mouse traps but these often only kill the mice that are already in the house but do not prevent new mice from entering where the previous ones already did.

Precise Termite and Pest Control offers same-day mice removal services and is prepared to handle any mouse situation – large or small. Contact us at 866-971-2847 to have us come out and inspect your mice situation free of charge so that you can enjoy cozy winter days at home without sharing your space with unwanted rodents.