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Bergen County Termite Control: Best Practices

bergen county termite control

If you suspect that your home has a termite infestation, then quick remediation is necessary to avoid extensive property damage. The average home in the United States will require $3,000.00 worth of repairs for termite damage, but in many cases, the cost of fixing a structure is much more. Delaying a pest-control treatment is never a good idea when you notice that termites have invaded a property because these insects breed rapidly and consume building materials constantly. Termite colonies tend to remain hidden in areas that are difficult to see such as inside walls or wooden beams, but by the time a homeowner notices structural problems in a home, the damage can lead to a sagging roof or unsafe building foundation. Continue reading

Are Termites the Guardians of the Soil?

Bergen County Termite Control

Termites have an overall bad reputation in New Jersey. Most people who run across a termite are fast to call a New Jersey termite control company to take care of the problem. The reality is that termites fill an important niche in nature when it comes to soil and plants. You should understand why termites in New Jersey are actually beneficial for the soil. Continue reading

New Jersey Termite Control Assistance This Spring

Bergen & Passaic County Termite Control


As temperature rise, New Jersey termite control assistance may help safeguard your home against an infestation. Homeowners have enough to worry about when it comes to termites. And now, just like the super bugs in human health, the termite species has a super termite. This phenomenon has been detected in termite prone areas by researchers at the University of Florida. New Jersey termite control professionals recommend taking steps to eradicate the native variety of species as a remedy to ward off any potential infestation of this new threat. This threat is a result of a hybrid of the most egregious varieties. The Asian and the Formosan termite comprise this hybrid. Continue reading