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As temperature rise, New Jersey termite control assistance may help safeguard your home against an infestation. Homeowners have enough to worry about when it comes to termites. And now, just like the super bugs in human health, the termite species has a super termite. This phenomenon has been detected in termite prone areas by researchers at the University of Florida. New Jersey termite control professionals recommend taking steps to eradicate the native variety of species as a remedy to ward off any potential infestation of this new threat. This threat is a result of a hybrid of the most egregious varieties. The Asian and the Formosan termite comprise this hybrid.

New Jersey Termite Control For Hybrid Species

Asian Termite

As the name suggests, the Asian termite is an indigenous species of southern Asia. It has traveled over large distances probably by boat to other countries including the United States. This species of subterranean termite is smaller than the native American variety. However, there are more disturbing distinctions. For example, they are more ravenous and eat more than wood and tree trunks. They are also known for eating paper products and fabric. In addition, research has shown that plastic products are on their menu. Like all termites, they gain access through structural cracks, building joints, and more. They have a life span of several years and the colony can have a couple million members.

Formosan Termite

The Formosan termite is also of the Asian variety. However, this species of termite is known as the initial super termite. It can host a single colony with several million members. Its behavior has been documented with the ability to eat wood at an alarming rate. There is research showing a structure can suffer extreme damage within a three month time frame. In addition, if the colony becomes established, eradication is impossible. While their digestive preference is wood, they are not above eating through other materials such as insulation, plaster, asphalt, metals and more. Just like their Asian termite counterpart, they can live for years.

Hybrid Termite

Since this hybrid species is new, it has not received a name. But the characteristics may lend a helping hand in deciding what to call it. This species has a robust life cycle, and therefore, it can be assumed they will cause damage at this same scale. What the researchers have been able to clarify so far is the lack of reproduction by the hybrid. However, with the scientific history of hybrid species from other unions, it is only a matter of time before this evolution occurs.

New Jersey Termite Control Checks For Homeowners Include Inspecting for Colonies

New Jersey termite control checks help protect your property. The reasons homeowners should be vigilant and check for termite activity is obvious. Protecting home value tops the list. Next, structural integrity of the main residence as well as surrounding buildings and trees can also be affected. In addition, the sooner a termite problem is found; it increases the chance for a quick resolution to remove them. This can save money for the homeowner in repairs from the damage caused by an infestation.

Now that the reasons have been laid out for homeowner termite inspections, here are two checklist items to be aware of.

  • Look for swarms during the spring season. Like other new life after the winter, this is their mating season.
  • Check around windows and doors as well as dirt mounds in the shape of tubular tunnels near the structure’s exterior walls.

Termite Exterminator NJ: How to Prevent Colonization?

The most experienced termite exterminator NJ has to offer will have the expertise, equipment and products to eradicate an infestation. They are trained in identifying the species of the colony as well as the correct solution to efficiently handle the problem. Generally, a liquid insecticide is injected deep in the soil through holes made by a special drill. In some cases and depending on the species, baited traps can be effective.  The most experienced termite exterminator NJ has to offer will guarantee a safe home for your family. Remember, the eradication of a termite infestation is not a DIY project and requires specialists with experience. It is recommended to have a yearly inspection by a trained professional. Consider investing in a contract as part of a regular pest control service. Call and contact us today for your free inspection at (866) 971-2847.