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Effective & Sustainable Bee Removal: NJ

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Sustainable bee removal in NJ is very important on several levels. For a number of years, bee populations have been declining and environmental groups are growing increasingly worried about what that means climate change and food production.  Bees help sustain vegetation growth and can be considered a fundamental building block of the food chain. As essential as bees are to the environment, you do not want to necessarily live near them or fear their sting while enjoying the warm weather months in your backyard. This article explores how the most professional bee removal NJ has to offer, is serviced by industry professionals that cater to the Northern New Jersey areas of Passaic and Bergen counties.  Precise Pest Control in New Jersey employs university-educated industry leaders and have been in the pest control business for over 25 years. Continue reading

Obama’s Plan to Protect Bees and How to Remove Bees Safely

Bergen county bee removal

There is growing concern from researchers as well as the public that bee populations continue to decline at dangerous rates. More attention has been drawn to the mass die-offs that have occurred among the beekeepers’ stock of pollinators evidenced by the signs of dead bee bodies found on the ground without explanation. While in recent years it has been revealed that colony collapse is in decline, bee populations have been taking a hit since the 1960s. Continue reading

Bee Removal Services in New Jersey

Bees make their hives in the most convenient place for their colony, but that place is not always convenient for you. When you find a bee hive in your attic or your yard, you cannot approach the bees on your own. Each step you take after making the discovery will determine whether your encounter with the bees has a positive outcome or not. Contacting an experienced New Jersey bee exterminator can assess the hive and safely remove the nest from your property.

Do Not Antagonize Them

Swatting at bees and trying to destroy their hive is not a good decision. Bees can swarm if they feel provoked, but most bees can fly around whatever you are swinging at them. Also, going to the hive directly could send out an army of bees that you did not realize were inside. The colony is a family, and bees will fight to protect their family.

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