Top Ten Facts About Squirrels

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With over 265 different species and living on every continent except Antarctica and Australia; squirrels are one of nature’s most ubiquitous mammals. They reside in nearly every environment available and are a common fixture throughout the US and Europe. Here are ten other fascinating facts about these clever animals.

  1. Their front teeth grow constantly. Squirrels are rodents, and just like rats and hamsters, their front teeth continue to grow longer throughout their life. They combat this by chewing, which can be damaging to your home. They will chew on drywall, wall paper, wall studs and anything else they deem tasty.
  2. Squirrels plant a lot of trees.The National Wildlife Federation credits squirrels who forget where they’ve buried nuts for propagating trees in national forests and parks. This is beneficial and allows forest to grow exponentially.
  3. The Native Americans had many stories and legends about squirrels. While some tribes considered them to be bossy and rude, others tribes revered squirrels as guardians of the forest and praised them for their resourcefulness and courageousness. While opinions certainly differed, the squirrel has a long-standing history within Native American culture.
  4. Squirrels were purposefully introduced to cities. In the late 19th century, small animals were introduced into urban parks. Grey squirrels, with their mild nature and funny antics, quickly became a favorite among those who frequented Central Park. The squirrels there now are quite content to be fed and, perhaps, gently petted by humans. Of course, you should never try to touch a squirrel, as their teeth are sharp and they have no bite inhibition.
  5. Squirrels are very intelligent. Not only do they remember the vast majority of their food caches, they also will put on elaborate displays where they pretend to bury food. This is to confuse other squirrels who may be watching. They bury nothing, and go off to select another hiding spot.
  6. Eastern Gray Squirrels are the most common in North America. This type of squirrel typically has two litters a year, consisting of two to three young. The average lifespan of a wild squirrel is five years, with some living as long as ten years.
  7. They love to nest in attics. It’s not uncommon to find that a squirrel or a family of squirrels has infiltrated your attic and taken up residence. Extraction and fixing the resulting damage can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s best to make sure there are no points of ingress in your attic.
  8. Gray squirrels will fight with woodpeckers over nest space. Both squirrels and woodpeckers like to build their nest high in the crotches of trees, so it’s no surprise that territory can be disputed. When this happens, the squirrel is usually the victor. A squirrel’s nest is called a drey.
  9. They run in erratic patterns. If you have squirrels around your home, you may have noticed they don’t run in straight lines often. This is intentional, as this zig-zag pattern can help throw off predators such as hawks and snakes.
  10. Their tails are amazing biological tools. A squirrel will use its tail as an umbrella, a rudder, a shade and a blanket. Squirrels also use their tails for balance and rarely fall and hurt themselves.

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