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5 Fall Pests to Look Out for This Season

People might think that the end of pests will come with the end of summer but that is not always the case. As the season of hot weather ends, the cool fall invites many more pests into your house, ready to cause property damage and infestations. Takin the necessary precautions and speaking to a knowledgeable New Jersey pest control company can alleviate any future headaches. The following are 5 fall pests that create a lot of havoc in the fall season:

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Stinkbug Season Is Upon Us

Stink bugs can be major household pests, stealthily getting into your home through doors, seal cracks, utility pipes and other types of openings. Not only do these creepy crawlies often make homes smell unpleasant, but they also tend to gather in large groups — not exactly fun to see in your living room. Mature stinkbugs also like to consume fruit.

It’s a real stinker of a problem

Stinkbugs, true to their name, often stink. It’s no joke. Their strong odors are a means of defense. They release these smells via openings in their abdomens. When they do so, it generally means that they’re trying to protect themselves from potential predator attack — think reptiles and birds. If you try to catch a stinkbug to remove it from your residence, however, you might notice the pest giving off the odor, too. Not only are stinkbug odors yucky, but also they’re also extremely strong and persistent. They sometimes linger for a minimum of six months, which is the last thing you want in your home.

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