How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice? An Inside Look at Professional Rodent Control.

exterminator getting rid of mice from homeWith so many DIY bait, poison, and trap solutions available in stores today, some people may wonder why they would ever need to call a professional for rodent removal. However, there are some household jobs that are best left to highly trained and specialized professionals for effectiveness and safety, and mouse and rat control is one of them.

Here’s a look at how exterminators actually get rid of mice and rats to create a safer and more comfortable home for you.

A Thorough Survey of Potential Entry Points

The first step in a professional exterminator’s job is to do a thorough inspection of your home to find the places where mice and rats can get in. This process begins outside to search for holes and cracks. Exterminators also check for gaps around doors, windows, and damaged areas of a home’s foundation.

Sealing Off Holes and Crevices

Once the entry points have been identified, it’s time for an exterminator to seal them up so that more rodents can’t get inside. This sealing process may involve many different materials based on the hole, such as wire mesh, hardware cloth, and sheet metal. Professionals know to avoid sealing holes with materials that rodents can chew through, such as caulk, wood, or plastic.

Strategically Placing Deterrents

Professional exterminators know the best places to strategically place traps around a home and whether glue, snap, or live-capture traps will be most effective in these places. They also place bait stations to lure rodents away from your home and kill rodents when they access the poisoned food contained inside.

In severe situations, an exterminator may need to fumigate a home as a last-resort measure to get rid of rats and mice. The chemicals involved in fumigation can be dangerous and should only be handled by a professional.

Follow-Up in Rodent-Prone Areas

Rodent deterrents aren’t set-it-and-forget-it measures, and follow-up is needed after setting them to assess changes in rodent activity. This is because mice and rats reproduce quickly and also so that rat control strategies can be adjusted as needed. Some New Jersey homes require ongoing professional extermination services about once per month.

Planning for Preventative Tactics

A good exterminator will not only help you get rid of mice and rats but also prevent them from coming back in the future. This is done through ongoing monitoring of cracks and holes and by tracking common rodent travel routes to be proactive about controlling pests. Good exterminators will also provide you with daily tips and tricks that you can do to keep your home mouse-free even after their services have concluded.

Who to Trust with Your Professional Extermination Needs

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