Where Do Ticks Go in the Winter, and Can They Survive the Cold Months?

snow filled outside patio of a home

Most people think of ticks as a summertime problem, and it is true that most tick bites and tick infestations occur during times of warm weather. However, ticks don’t completely disappear when the seasons change, and winter tick issues are very possible as well.

Here is some information about the lingering dangers of ticks during the winter and how you can prevent and treat winter tick issues that arise in your home.

Do Ticks Live in the Winter?

Although some insects die off during the cold months of a New Jersey winter, ticks are one of the few resilient species that hangs on and continues to thrive all year long. Ticks survive frigid temperatures in a few different ways, such as temporarily going dormant or attaching themselves to a host.

When snow falls, it provides insulation to dormant ticks lying in brushy areas and leaf debris in a yard. Meanwhile, adult deer ticks stay active all winter long and often latch onto pets in the yard.

Where Do Ticks Go in Winter in a Home?

Since ticks love wooded areas, they often take up residence on firewood stored outside. When you bring wood inside to burn in the fireplace, ticks can hitch a ride and come into your house as well.

Otherwise, ticks commonly enter a home by latching onto a person or pet, either on the skin or on a piece of clothing. You may also find ticks in the winter in damp environments around your home, such as piles of wet clothes or in laundry hampers.

Prevention Tips for Ticks Around in the Winter

Tick-borne illnesses in humans and pets are year-around concerns, especially if you enjoy hiking in the woods and spending time outside regardless of what the weather is. Stick to established trails instead of venturing through untamed brush, and keep your dog on a leash so he/she doesn’t venture off of the trail and into tick territory. Check yourself and your dog after winter hiking trips, including all layers of clothes where they might be hiding.

Inspect firewood before bringing it indoors to use. Also for your winter firewood, keep it away from the house, away from dog play areas, and out of brushy areas.

Getting Rid of Ticks in Your Home This Winter

Not only can tick bites cause symptoms and disease, but ticks can also lay thousands of eggs at a time and create a serious infestation problem. Our NJ tick control exterminators can eliminate ticks from your home and property to help your household stay disease-free. We can also do a thorough evaluation of your home to identify tick entry points and problem areas in the yard where ticks can survive in the winter.

At the first sign of a tick problem, please call us at 866-971-2847 and we will be happy to come out for a free home inspection.