Top Five Pests That Cause Home Damage

Signs of Vermin

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Professional animal and pest removal services know there are five common pests that damage homes in the New Jersey area. To prevent further damage, homeowners should have an awareness of the signs of vermin in order to contact professional pest control services immediately.

1.  Squirrels

People think that squirrels are cute to watch and feed, but they actually cause a lot of building damage. As temperatures drop in autumn, squirrels will look for a place to nest and breed, leading to home invasions. This animal has sharp teeth that help it to chew through tough structures to get into an attic or wall, but it will also squeeze through tiny holes to reach shelter. Once inside a building, a squirrel looks for food and water by chewing on anything while reducing the size of its teeth. Of course while living in a home, it also makes a mess with body waste that seeps into drywall, causing stains and odors. 

2.  Mice

The most common rodents that enter a home are mice that carry numerous dangerous pathogens such as Hantavirus, fleas and worms that are transmittable to humans and family pets. An adult mouse can squeeze through a tiny crevice to live between walls during the daytime. At night, the rodent will travel along walls near baseboards to search for food in kitchen cabinets and pet food dishes. Homeowners should look for small waste droppings on floors or tufts of hair near holes that indicate mice are present. Female mice have large litters that grow and begin to breed quickly, leading to having a massive infestation in just a few months.

3.  Raccoons

A raccoon is often able to open latches with its nimble paws to enter areas such as basements or cellars. However, this mammal prefers to climb a tree or utility pole to live on a rooftop. When the weather is cold, it may enter a chimney where it is warmer before digging into an attic. In many cases, a family of raccoons can plug a chimney shaft, leading to a buildup of deadly fumes inside a home. Raccoons create pungent smelling urine that damages wood frames, drywall and insulation, causing damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Unfortunately, raccoons can also transmit rabies to family pets or humans with a bite or scratch.

4.  Woodpeckers

A woodpecker is a bird with a large beak that hunts for insects inside wood structures such as utility poles, home siding and fence posts. Damage to a home occurs as a woodpecker makes holes with its bill to reach inside to find ants, crickets or termites. Not only does the wood lose its strength due to numerous holes, but the sounds from the woodpecker’s beak hitting the structures is deafening. Unless a professional removal service is contacted, a homeowner may need to replace expensive gutters or wood trim on a building. 

5. Termites

Termites are the most common insect pest that causes damage to homes. This insect is often difficult to detect because it hides inside a building’s wooden frame or flooring. A termite typically crawls from other buildings or trees to find a new source of food. Homeowners often bring termites into a home accidentally in untreated firewood, leading to an infestation that requires an expert to remedy. In addition to wood paneling, groups of termites usually remain in hidden areas chewing on cellulose materials such as wallpaper, books and furniture.

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